Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Should I tell him?

Should I tell him that I’m seeing him to pass the time?

I have absolutely no interest in a relationship with him and I don’t think he does either. Gone are the days where I stress over why he doesn’t make an effort to see me. No longer do I dwell on his claim that he doesn’t like to go out. I have made it clear that I am not tripping off the fact that he is a homebody because we aren’t dating. We hang out when I have no other plans for the evening. Those occasions are far in between.

We don’t talk on the phone the way we used to because I have nothing I want to tell him. I think he knows what this is; it’s a friendship with no more benefits. So should I have to explicitly tell him that he has been moved from the dating zone to the friend zone?

This weekend he made the “long” journey from his home in Simi Valley to see me. I wasn’t interested in inviting him over and I’m usually never home on Sunday’s anyway. I always find it funny that his interpretation of coming to see me is going to see his friends and then checking on whether or not I’m home. If he had really come this way just to visit me, we would have arranged a time to meet.

I am not a pit stop, I am a destination.

Now that I think about our relationship and the path it has followed, I don’t think I need to tell him. He has known all along.

I just wish he would have told me.

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