Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Rant

Dear Mr. No Chemistry,

When I met you I thought our meeting had the potential to grow into something wonderful. From the minute you approached me, I could tell you were a man of God, and a true gentleman with a kind heart. You had a smile that wouldn’t quit and the ability to keep me laughing even when I didn’t feel like it. Only problem was we had no chemistry. We went on 3 dates and eventually parted ways amicably. Two days quickly turned into 2 weeks before I realized I hadn’t heard from you.

Even though things didn’t work out between us, you have restored my faith in men. I know there is a man or several out there for me, who will be all the things he is supposed to be. I’m opening my heart to the possibility of meeting him one day.

I wish you and all the men I have dated like you well in all that you do in the future. It didn’t work between us but I know you’re going to make some other woman very happy.


Si Si


Anonymous said...

so honest. nice guys deserve to be with people who are madly in love with them, too. I know, I am marrying one ;-)

Silent Scorpion said...

Congratulations on the pending nuptials!