Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Rant

Kerry Crenshaw met a guy she was semi feeling until he couldn't find his balls to set a time and place where they would meet that same day. He texted throughout the day and lacked any confidence to set up a time and place to meet. They went back and forth with messages of where and when they would meet until she got tired of replying.

...and just like that the rest of ol boy’s texts get ignored because he hesitated. Women like to be told, not asked.

Here is my response to her post.

Problem #1 (well for me anyway): He texted you to set the whole thing up. If he really wanted to take you out and if he was a real man, HE WOULD CALL!!

Problem #2: He is still unsure whether or not your like him: That’s his problem not yours. Obviously you have some interest in him otherwise you wouldn’t have carried on such a drawn out text conversation.

Solution: He needs to go find his balls before he steps to any other woman. Next time he should just text (he really should be calling anyway) the following:

The correct way to ask a woman out:

Guy 12:15pm: I want to take you out tonight, are you free? (you reply within 2 minutes with an emphatic yes.

Guy 12:18pm: Cool. Meet me at [insert cool restaurant here] at [insert reasonable time here.]

Done and Done.

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