Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I wanna lose count!

Can you recount how many times you were intimate with your current or most recent partner? How many times you bumped uglies in the bedroom. How many times you've almost been arrested together for indecent exposure. How many times you've faked climaxed in a place other than your home. If the answer is yes, welcome to the “count em up club.” The club where you know all the details and number of times you were intimate with your current/past partner. This club is mainly for us single folk; I apologize to those of you who are active members of both this club and the “my partner give me any” club. I feel your pain.

Losing count signifies so much for me as a single woman. When this day comes again, I will most likely already be or be on my way to a committed relationship. While I am a sexually open person, I am not the casual sex type. I don't knock the people that are because for one very brief moment in my life, I was, but at this stage it just isn't for me. My best sexual experiences were with people that I connected with on other levels first. I got to know their likes and dislikes, plans for the future and then what made them make that constipated (keep doing that-strike through) face. I want this again so badly I can taste it (read both ways). I'm giddy and frustrated with anticipation of this day.

If you find yourself on a similar path don't lose hope. Just raise your glass, to the day when you can lose count again.

Currently at 20 weeks and counting. *Silent Shrug*
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