Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cuddle Buddy Season

Its that time of year folks. The leaves are turning colors, the sun is going into hiding earlier and the old boos have dusted off my phone number and are using it again. This past Saturday was the beginning of Fall but I didn't need my calendar to tell me that. All I needed was to see the calls and text messages of several past boos. For me, it happens like clockwork every year. Since I never really end on bad terms per se with past suitors, they don't see the harm in calling my phone. They know the least I'll do is be cordial and if I have selective amnesia the timing is right and I'm bored receptive, I'd actually consider going out with them again.

It all makes perfect sense if you think about it:

1. Its cold outside (unless you're in hell, presently known as LA), so what better time than the fall to have a warm body around.

2. Warm tempartures mean less people are venturing outside so if you can't meet someone new, you may as well go to what wasn't completely broken right.

3. All guys think once they've been intimate with a lady, that they can get it anytime. Sorry my dear, us women have the power when it comes to revisiting the past.

If you want to take the lazy route this fall/winter cutty cuddle season, don't half step. Do all those things you did in the beginning to get her attention. I know those times in the past when I did decide to revisit an old flame, it was because they reminded me why I started liking them in the first place. Frequent phone calls, planned outings and great conversation. Of course by the end of the season, around the end of January, the remind me again why it didn't work out. Conveniently thats right before Valentines Day. Mhmmmm. That's another post for another time.

What say you Cereal Readers: Am I the only person who gets these calls the same time every year? Have you ever dated someone from your past again? How did it work out for you?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reason #25116 Why I Won't Tell Facebook My Status

Is having a man like getting an Oscar? This is not a completely rhetorical question. Think about it, when a woman (do men encourage this?) get into a relationship, they implore an awkward conversation about the public link. I used to think that without putting it on Facebook, a relationship wasn't serious. Boy has that opinion totally changed!**

One of my girls recently entered a relationship and decided to let the world know by linking with her new beau on Facebook. I am excited and happy for her because she's excited and happy. I can see the joy in her new profile pic with this new man but I'm sorry the party bus stops there. Why is it that in 12 hours, she has already had 7 people, all girls mind you, comment on the relationship change? It really got me thinking, is this the third most important change in a relationship for a woman, behind getting married and having a baby. Is this what I have to look forward to when I enter a relationship? Granted I will not be posting my status change on the internet for the world to see, those who know me will have been along for the ride so they won't have to throw me a yay you're committed to one person party.

Also, do men do this to other men. If you see your homeboy, who you rarely speak to, change his status to in a relationship, do you bombard his wall and text message inbox with congratulation messages?

This isn't a post really...just some random thinking.

Speak your peace in the comment section.

**I am not knocking anyone who wants to express this change with the world, I am simply stating that it is not for me.
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