Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lies Women Tell: I’ve only had ? partners

Installment 3 of 5

"How many partners have you had?"

Did you know there is a mathematical equation behind that answer.

Whenever a woman gives you her “magic number,” take it and add 2 or 3 because she’s probably lying.

Real answer = (number given) + (1 who wasn't good) + (2 she can't remember) + (1 she'd rather pretend didn't happen)

Note: Not all women lie but I have several female friends who would be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a group of their peers if charges were ever brought against them.

Women understand that the way they answer this question will affect how a guy perceives them from that point on. So sometimes, they subtract a few. Some even rationalize it to themselves.

“Oh he doesn’t count because I was on vacation.”

“Johnny doesn’t count because we stopped before I came.”

On one hand, it’s totally acceptable and expected, for men to blurt out any number from 15 – 40 (that’s a lot to me by the way…I will consider you a man whore.) On the other hand, if a woman mentions any number above 10, no matter what her age, her partner will probably think she’s a bit easy. Some women have lied about their number so many times, that they begin to believe the lie themselves. They’ve said 10 for so long, they can't remember what their real number is. It may be 15 or 132, at this point she just can't remember.

For me, I only divulge my "magic number" when I’m comfortable with a guy. I don't lie about it either because I haven't done anything with anyone that I'm ashamed of. I wait to discuss it not because my number is outrageous, but because most men ask this question entirely too early.

I always wondered why men don’t follow or precede this line of questioning with, so when was the last time you were tested? What were the results? Have you ever had an STD? If you can’t answer that question immediately, know that I do ask, then don’t worry about the number of partners I’ve had, cuz you're not about to be one anytime soon anyway. I don't want to hear that bump on your lip is a pimple without a doctor's note to support it.

Fellas, do you believe your mate when she gives you her number? Truthfully, how important is it? What number would make you immediately loose her number and pretend she doesn't exist...or make you hit it once double strapped and never call again.

Ladies, have you ever lied about your number? If so, do you remember the last time you told the truth?

If two people feel they are ready to have sex, then sexual history should be discussed before engaging in any physical activity. But, if this is our third conversation, (note: you aren't about to get lucky after 3 conversations) please don't ask me that question or any question related to sex for that matter.

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Assertive Wit said...

I'm not by any means ashamed of how many people I've had sex with; if all the men were to come forward and shout it to the rooftops, I wouldn't deny it or try to hide. However, I don't see the relevance in ANYONE knowing because the number of people I have sex with doesn't determine anything.

Think about it...

I know people who've had sex with only 3 people and have had more than a few STD's. I've had sex with more people than that and NEVER had an STD.

I know people who've only had sex with their significant others and it's a low number but NEVER get tested for STD's. I get tested AT LEAST once a year.

Knowing this small bit of information, who is more dangerous? The people with less partners or me?

You see how it REALLY doesn't matter at the end of the day? :)

Darrell said...

Interestingly I ran across a survey of this question. AOL Health surveyed 4000 women and the results are as follows:

33 percent had between two and five lovers

21 percent claimed to have had six to ten partners.

17 percent have had only one partner

14 percent have had more than 20.

12 percent have had 11 to 20 sexual partners.

3 percent proclaim their virginity.

While the numbers are interesting to look at, I'm conflicted with if they mean anything. Prior to your question I would have said no, but after some thought I'm unsure.

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