Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Deal Breakers - You must be this tall to ride

For some, skin complexion, weight, bad breathe (this should be on the list for everyone), a body part size (ie. butt, breasts, penis, etc) are dating deal breakers that no amount of chemistry can conquer.

I maintain a list of what are clearly superficial dating criteria that I stick to no matter what. I make no apologies for my tastes or preferences even with the disagreement of close friends. “You shouldn’t have such shallow deal breakers," friends plead. Too bad I'm stubborn.

Height is the number one physical characteristic I won’t budge on. (Weight comes in at a close second.) I wont date a man who isn’t at least my height or taller. I stand proudly and confidently at 6 foot without heels. Only once in my dating history have I made an exception. This guy was fine as wine, coming in at only 5 foot 11 inches. That was about the shortest guy I've dated in in my 24 years on this earth.

Of course after I get past the trivial outward appearances of a potential suitor, my list includes more valuable criteria such as a sense of humor, family values and sexual chemistry. Before I can get to those though, he needs to be able to look me in my eyes, without him breaking his neck because of our height difference. I then move from physical characteristics to certain behaviors and personality traits.

Bad taste in clothes, different religion, age, kids, race, money, opposing political views, level of educational attainment, proximity and current living situation are all dating deal breakers for a variety of people. I don't care much about the preceding. On the other hand I am a stickler for proper grammar and feel that text messages are a great way to weed men out. I know, not all people proof their text messages, but there is something to be said for thinking before pressing reply. For actually caring what type of messages you put out into the universe. If I receive a "LOL" in reply to every text message joke I crack, I will assume that you have exhausted your vocabulary at this age and need more time to brush up on the English language before speaking with me again. Constantly using the wrong “too” or “to” is something I'd be willing to work with.

Of course, our standards for what's acceptable and what's deal-breaking depend on how into the person we are. If I’m completely infatuated with someone, I may look over the fact that he occasionally lights a cigarette when he is stressed. However I would be sure to keep a pack of mints in my purse at all times.

I think it’s a good exercise to list your own deal breakers. It helps identify and analyze your own flaws. I could be a good contender with Tyra Banks in a battle for who has the largest head, am usually prompt and expect those around me to be the same, lack patience (I’m working on it but it’s a work in progress) and have feet the size of USS ships, which for some may be a deal breaker. I don’t plan on changing any of those characteristics to please someone else, but I do recognize that I have flaws as well.

When you meet or date a new guy or girl, which idiosyncrasies are okay and which ones send you head first in the opposite direction? Do you have a physical characteristics you expect your mate to posses?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Rant

The following message was sent via email:

Subject: (no subject)
Man it's been to long... I would like to see u but..........

Let me complete that sentence for you...

but I don't have enough confidence to ask you out again.

but I realized that you aren't that interested so I won't go any further than sending you this email. I finally learned my lesson from all of those unanswered text messaages.

but I understand that I need to work on some self esteem issues before I step to you. Especially since I am sending this message to you via email instead of picking up the phone and calling like a real man.

but I know you like literate men and I don't seem to know the difference between "to" and "too." [<----pet peeve] Instead of completing this sentence I'm going to go pick up a 5th grade English book and teach myself the basics. (I really hope this was what he chose to do.)

I'm glad he talked himself out of finishing that sentence otherwise I would have had to complete it for him using one of the above.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Second Date: It's Cool I Got It

Picture this: You had such a great time, or it was at least bearable and have decided to go out again. This time I try something a little different. The most common reaction I have gotten is a look of surprise when I pull out my credit card. I then watch my dates face cringe and twist into ways I’ve never seen before. Most of the time when I say, “It’s cool I got it,” my male dates don’t know how to act but that’s not always the case.

“Oh really, you got it, cool?” (While looking relieved they don’t have to use their last few dollars on one dinner.)

“Ummm, no that’s okay. I got it.” (While giving me the, ‘I’m a man and I’m here to take care of you’ look.)

“Well let me at least take care of the tip.” (While looking a bit defeated but wanting to at least contribute to our meal.)

I always pay close attention to theses responses. Now mind you, I won’t pull my credit card out if I don’t actually have some type of interest in the guy I am sharing a table with. If I have absolutely no interest in seeing you again, trust me, I aint budging when the check comes.

If you utter any words that sound remotely like this before I willingly pull out my credit card : “You got this one right, since I paid for the last one, right?!?!?!” you better believe, no I aint got it and yes this is the last time I will be seeing you.

Why is it that some men feel so emasculated by a woman paying the bill while others expect their dates to contribute at least something or even half the time? I know after my experience earlier this year I will no longer pay for a first date.

I personally don’t like paying when I feel it is expected, but I don’t mind picking up a few bills every once in a while since I recognize that dating is expensive. I actually think women should sincerely offer to pick a bill when dating. Men shouldn’t always be expected to pull out their credit cards but men should know how much they can and cannot afford and stay within those boundaries. I don’t need an expensive date to have fun.

Creativity is attractive.

What is your opinion? Does Ne-Yo have it right?

Ladies, How many times have you said, “Its cool, I got it.”

Should women pay for half of dates?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bedroom Etiquette 101

I thought this was hilarious so I'm reposting it here. My girl SAM JONES wrote this for my other blog http://www.ihatethewayyoueatcereal.wordpress.com. I thought I'd post 101 because I have been inspired to write a 201.

Bedroom Etiquette 101
Submitted by: SAM JONES

Here’s a few things that really grind my gears in the bedroom. Men please pay attention…


Fresh Breath- Do I even need to elaborate?

Socks- No socks please. However if you feet look like the Crypt Keeper please keep them on.

“Magnums I hope”- Good for you, men who can fit them, but if you can’t, please don’t embarrass yourself by putting one on… smh


Easy on the dirty talk- I understand that some men and women need the sex talk to get them “there,” but I don’t need to have a full on conversation with you during this time. Keep it short and sweet.

Don’t make excuses- If your battleship went down too soon, don’t make excuses. It happens to best of them, just make sure you can set sail again (preferably within the next 15 mins).

Remove your “gear”- Please don’t sulk in your “happy juice”

No post ejaculation phone usage- I understand we just finished and im sure you’ve missed some calls/texts/Twitter updates but umm your still inside of me, put the phone down!

Ladies what are some of your bedroom pet peeves?
[My response to this question coming soon!]

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Date: It's Cool You Got It

Picture this: You’re out on a first date with a person I hope you have some interest in. The waiter will come to the table to drop off the bill. Nine times out of ten, if they are a woman, they will place the bill directly in front of the male. If it is a male waiter, there is a 50/50 chance that the bill will be placed at the center of the table or directly in front of the male. I have rarely ever gone out and found that a waiter or waitress places the bill in front of the woman.

What you do at this point says a lot about your character. (Both male and female)

If I’m not interested, the scenario will play out like this and believe that I’m so smooth, I won’t even flinch. I’ll look you straight in your eye and wait for your response. The bill will be placed at the table and I will continue our conversation as if nothing has happened. If he is a gentleman, he will immediately pick up the bill, without looking completely disgusted at our total, place his AMEX or Visa inside the folder and continue our conversation. I have a sly way of checking out what type of tip is left as well- points will be docked from cheap asses immediately.

Who should pay for a first date? Should the person that extended the invitation pay?

Call me old fashioned, or a penny pinchin copper (I know its a recession) digger but I think a man should always pay for a first date. I’m all for exerting my independent nature in other areas of my life, but when it comes to dating, I like to be treated like a lady.

Clearly there will be some women who will insist on paying for the first date, but I think a good rule of thumb for men is to assume he’s paying. Its a simple gesture but it says so much. It shows that a man can lead and has the instinct to provide. If on a first date I get any indication that he is a tightwad, it will probably be our last date.

Paying has nothing to do with the money, I just appreciate being treated with some degree of chivalry.

Originally Posted in July

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Conversations with my Voicemail

Meet a nice girl: smart, outgoing, attractive. You had a nice conversation, flirted a bit, so on. Got her telephone number before you parted ways, and right before she left she goes "You're going to call me, right?” A few days later you call her (instead of texting first, good job!) but you get her voicemail.

“Hi you've reached Silent. Please leave a message after the tone.” [beeeeepp]

This is not an open invitation to tell her everything that is on your mind in 60 seconds or less. If you just obtained her phone number 2 days prior and she already has a voicemail detailing the reasons you two would be great together, then not only will you not receive a return call, she will also play your psychotic voicemail to all of her friends.

After hearing this voicemail online, I feel the need to intervene. Guys, I didn’t think I would have to do this but it seems some of ya’ll need some phone etiquette.

1.) Please leave a voicemail. Don’t assume that I received a miss call from you. Even though I have the best phone service provider, I don’t get every missed call.
2.) Keep it brief. Just because my system allows for long messages, doesn’t mean this is your opportunity to share your mini bio.
3.) Keep compliments pertaining to any physical body part that kept you reeling the rest of the evening off my voice messaging system. Its just plan perverted.
4.) Don’t give me a deadline. Are we serious?!?! This has really happened to me and some of my friends.
5.) Leave your name and phone number so I can return your call. Again this goes back to assuming I have a missed call from you.

If she doesn’t return your call within 2-3 days, she probably wasn’t that interested. DO NOT CALL HER AGAIN.

Here’s a general rule of thumb: Don’t call a girl more than twice without a returned call. Forget about her and get another girls number. If she calls back then now you have 2 girls.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fridat Rant

This entire conversation was had via Blackberry Messenger (bbm)

Guy: What's up stranger?

Me: Hey

Guy: How are you?

Me: I'm good

Guy: Are you engaged? Who's the lucky guy?

Me: huh....(pause)..oh

(My bbm screenname is currently "Future Mrs. Mehcad Brooks")

Me: I'm not engaged

Guy: Oh..lol

Me: I gotta go, ttyl

Why did he come out of hiding (we haven't talked in months) when he thought I was getting married? If I had said yes I'm engaged, what would he have done with that information? As a woman, I would not, and did not, contact the guy I use to date when I found out he was engaged. When I saw him in person I made sure to say congratualtions because I was happy for him, (and since I was the last girl he dated before he met his wife.) But I wouldn't contact someone I casually dated for a few months.

Am I missing something here? I hope that doesn't mean he plans on keeping me in his little black book. You know the book you dust off when all the new people you meet aren't working out and you decide to call up an old flame to try again.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Septemeber Recap

So somehow I took a step back but still stood my ground with who I allowed in my life. I spent some time with Mr. AOS this Labor Day weekend. He hasn't changed a bit. He is still charming and comical but our meeting ended with the same argument. (It wasn't really an argument, it was more of a 'I'm no doing what you want me to do' conversation.) Mr AOS wanted me to visit him in the valley after I picked him up from the airport and spent the entire day with him. He's lucky I didn't have other plans, otherwise I would not have seen him this weekend. When I told him I would no longer be driving out to see him in the valley until he visited me in L.A., he was displeased to say the least. He isn't use to me saying no to his requests.

Mr. AOS insisted that I compromise on the sitution. Unfortunately he has no true understanding of what compromise is. Mr. AOS wants to go back to the way things were before, where if I wasn't doing anything I would drive out to see him. It didn't matter what time it was, I would hop in my car and truck to the Valley. That was at least an hour drive from my old place.

I'm not that same person anymore. I'm willing to compromise by my definition and on my terms. I'm so glad I snapped outta that mess! If he wants to see me, he can come out here. Otherwise, he can have a good life. Without me.

Honestly I'm not concerned with him or anyone else. I'd rather focus on setting my goals and accomplishing them. If I go the rest of the year without a date, so be it. It's not like I don't get offered to be taken out often, I'd just rather spend my time focusing on what I want to do with MY life and MY career. Dating has been nothing but a distraction thus far. So its been put on the back burner. I'll continue to surround myself with friends and family who are supporting my decisions and helping me achieve my goals.

Plus I always have Jack, so I'll be okay.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long Distance Relationship: Don't Do It

Love conquers all but only in movies.

There was a time not long ago when I thought my love story would be better because we had such a large obstacle to overcome: Distance. I told my partner who lived thousands of miles away “we can make it work as long as we are both mature and committed to communication and each other.” Bullshit! I had a hard enough time trying to make it work with Mr. AOS who lives in the valley (I live 30 minutes away in LA), why would I want to have to hop on a plane every time I want to see my significant other.

Yes, there are several fairytale stories of couples who were able to make it work but those people are only the exception to the rule. It’s important to recognize the difference between being an exception and being the rule. I for one would not consciously place myself in such a complicated situation in order to test the rule.

Relationships are hard enough as is, but when you add the strains that come with distance, it looses all of its appeal.

Limited Physical Contact – This is the number one reason I would not place myself in a long distance relationship. Not only can I not have my way with any cute guy I want, I can’t even touch the man I’m committed to. I want it when I want it. I need it when I want it and sometimes when I don’t know I want it.

Jealousy – I pride myself on being a very confident and understanding woman, but I don’t want to become a Facebook stalking, background questioning, password stealing paranoid woman. I be damned if I wake up the next morning, find my boo has been tagged in 16 pictures only to see him posing with Beyonce’s (circa 2002) long lost twin sister. In any relationship, trust is imperative but with distance, jealousy would be a much more powerful feeling. The moment you start to doubt your SO, jealously will shoot in swiftly.

Daily Reporting – How do you convey everything that has happened to you when the other person has no context to place the experience in? You’re talking to your SO and they have no idea who your coworker Sylisha is and why pride yourself in being able to talk to her without laughing when attempt to interpret her SOTB accent, she applies make-up like Tommy the Clown, and constantly smells like a Subway in Harlem.

Strain on Finances – Just imagine, you just received your $400 bonus after working hard for the past 2 months but you have to spend all of that cash that could have gone to a cute Marciano dress and matching heels on a plane ticket. You know if you don’t, your SO will bitch about until they see you again. Finances are already the cause of some many failed marriages, and are sure to be the demise of this type of relationship. Plus, why limit your hard on funds to traveling to the same place once a month. I’d much rather travel the world with some good friends.

Unnatural Pace – Distance forces relationships to play in a fast forward mode, and often this forward force leads to a quicker end. There will be some type of pressure for the future. Who will give up all their friends and family to move across town? When do you decide enough time has past to make that commitment? What if you hate your new city, will you resent the person you came for?

Rather than letting the relationship flow naturally, plans must be made ahead. Although my personality forces me to plan out my day to day activities, how can I plan out how my heart will feel in 6 months and base everything I do around that ultimate goal and each other. Distance makes everything more definite and requires advanced thinking.

I’m all for love and happy endings but realistically, long distance relationships are doomed right from the gate. I’d rather be single, sexy and free enjoying my town than sit at home on the phone for hours talking to someone in another.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Rant

Why do men think I want to hear them tell something I already know at our first meeting. Yes, I'm taller than most, but do you think you're original in pointing that out. If I said what I was thinking or if I did the same thing and referenced your height, you might be offended. Eventhough I'd just be stating facts.

"Damn, you're tall." (Damn, you're short.)

"You're much taller when you stand up." (You're much shorter when I stand up.)

"I'm not afraid of heights." (Neither am I shorty.)

"I'd like to climb that tree!" (I'd like to stomp this shrub.)

It doesn't matter if its coming from a tall or short man, constantly referencing my height in order to break the ice is not original nor is it smiled upon.

Surely you have something more interesting to say.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Repost: Just Window Shopping

Things just aren't the same as last year. I am a lot pickier about who I let take me out so I don't line up 5 dates a week anymore. I will say it was fun while it lasted.

At the end of this past week I was on cloud 16. In just a few weeks I had met or rekindled a flame with 5 different guys so optimism was on my side. But just as quickly as things started to look up, reality set in. I felt like I had been shopping for a great new pair of shoes and still hadn’t found a pair that looked great, felt great and screamed BUY ME!

Detroit and I went out the week following my birthday and I realize that nothing has changed. He is a great guy indeed, but something is missing. I started to feel bad again about giving him hope that something could happen and then yanking the rug out from underneath him. Something continues to draw me back to him…loneliness. I told Detroit that he needed to let me go for his own sake but he said he would do no such thing. He still calls and I guess our spurt has ended the same way it did a few months back. I don’t think I will ever be able to let him go. There is something so comfortable about being with him. He is like a pair of fall boots. I picked him up at the beginning of fall, when the season was in but now the season has changed. So I put him right back into the closet until I am ready to wear those boots again.

Arizona seemed promising at first. He was on his grind as a computer technician and planning on going back to school to finish his undergraduate degree. Turns out he had left school his senior year to pursue basketball. The fact that he wanted to finish his degree after dropping out was attractive. His stature and sex appeal reminded me of a great pair of high heel stilettos. Looks great in the box but when you put them on they just weren’t that comfortable. If I wanted to take a walk on the wild side and rock them I could have. But after he flaked on me last minute last weekend, I’ve decided he probably wouldn’t be worth it. I need some reliability and stilettos just don’t have a sturdy enough heel for me.

I knew off jump that Michigan was a little quiet but I figured he was just nervous because of the setting. So for our date I decided to see him one on one. Michigan asked me when he could cook for me and we planned our date. I met him at his apartment, which is usually a NO NO for a first date. Michigan was nice enough to prepare a nice meal for us for the night. Unfortunately, this man was boring with a cap B. It wasn’t the setting at all as I had hoped. Michigan really had no personality and the chemistry wasn’t there at all. After the first 10 minutes of my arrival, I was trying to figure out a way to leave without being rude. I knew I wasn’t feeling him at all but I didn’t know how to say it. So I sat there, with my eyes glued to his television until enough time had passed where I could safely make my escape. I haven’t returned any phone calls but I think has gotten the hint. Michigan reminded me of a pair of loafers, they look comfortable but there was a reason no one ever picked them up, they are too damn boring.

Mr. Midwest was full of energy at our first meeting and the same was true for our date. I thought I had found a great pair of, I admit older, snake skin pumps. Mr. Midwest was attractive has his own business and a great personality at 40. His age didn’t slow him down one bit and he made sure to point out that he couldn’t date women his age because he found that they slowed him down. Our evening started off nice and conversation was smooth. Mr. Midwest and I were slowly trying to get a feel for each other.

Where are you from?

Where are you going?

How are you going to get there?

Then the conversation switched into high gear. Mr. Midwest informed me that he was looking for a mate, a partner, and soon after a wife. He has two children with his ex girlfriend (not wife) of 10 years, who he will soon be in a custody battle for. Mr. Midwest then went on to explain how unfair his ex is and how they do not get a long. It seems that she broke his heart when she cheated on him although he swears he is over it because it happened long ago. How long ago, you may ask, January of this year. Immediately I could see why these shoes were up for grab. At a closer look, I realized that these pumps didn’t start off as snake skin. They were probably some nice patent leather pumps that after years of wear and tear had turned into the snake skin disaster I was trying to fit in. These were worn out and just a little too damaged for my lifestyle.

Sandwiched in all of these outings was a date with my friend Red. The week prior to our date, Red and I talked on the phone every night and chatted on AIM during the day. I usually never let a guy have that much access to me so fast but this time was different. Red wasn’t a new pair of shoes I had never seen in the store. He was a pair that had been in a catalogue on my counter all this time but I never noticed he was there. I never thought to try him on until now. I had so much fun on our date and our conversation in person was just as smooth as it had been on the phone. Red isn’t like any other pair I have ever had in my closet but I will keep him around for that reason.

And then there was one…

Originally Posted November 16, 2008

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Repost: Single By Choice...Don't put a ring on it!

Fastforward 1 year and I'm single by circumstance. Don't put a ring on it unless you're ready for a commitment.

All my single ladies!

Who out there is single by choice?

I used to think I was single because I couldn’t find a good man. But recent events have led me to think other wise. I was in the car with one of my girls and Beyonce’s “Put a ring on it” (or Sasha Fierce whichever ego sings the song) came on the radio.

“I got gloss on my lips (lips), a man on my hips (hips)
Hold me tighter than my Dereon jeans
Acting up (up), drink in my cup (cup)
I can care less what you think
I need no permission, did I mention
Don't pay him any attention
Cause you had your turn (turn)
But now you gon' learn
What it really feels like to miss Bee”

“Cause if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
Don't be mad once you see that he* want it
If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it”

We began to talk about why we were single and I was telling her about Detroit and I couldn't think of anything that was concretely wrong with him. I told her that during our last date I didn't kiss him because I like him. When those words came out of my mouth I knew I had a problem. Or did I?

Detroit is the kind of guy I could marry. I know he knows how much I care for him. Detroit has said repeatedly, if it feels right, then why fight it. And I let him know, sometimes people just aren't ready. I'm not ready.

My conversation with my friend then moved onto Red. I told my friend about the things I liked about him and then we got on the relationship subject and if I could see my friendship with him moving that way.

It got me to thinking why I was single and I realized that I am single by choice. I am sure that if I wanted to be serious with either Detroit or Red right now I could. I could have the title but would I have it all?

I would be required to check in, worry about someone else and be there for them all the time. Right now, I am too selfish to do that.

When I do have title girlfriend I put my all into my relationship and expect the same in return. I have only ever had one boyfriend in my life and it is not something I am rushing to get back into. It’s hard for a man to keep my attention long enough for me to want to get there. And right now the only person that has, is the same person I push away. Detroit.

Why? The answer, because I am enjoying getting to know different men and relationship would stop me from doing that.

I wonder, can anyone tame me?

I go out with my friends 3 to 4 times a week and don’t see that changing anytime soon. Although it would be nice to have that stability and have a family, I am too young to be bothered by either. I would love to have a boyfriend in the future. Everyone says I feel this way because I have not met the right guy, but I think I have. I just don't want to embrace it right now.

Here is my response to Beyonce’s song, Put a ring on it (single ladies), as it was so eloquently written by my bestess. I call it, " Please don't put a ring on it!" by PIK DIVA:

No time to marry, no time to settle down. I’m a young woman, and I ain’t done running around.

Did I mention I met another cute guy this past weekend that lives in Chicago, he seemed so sweet. The distance isn't a problem for me because I like to travel. Chicago asked me when I am coming to see him and I let him know immediately, “When you fly me out there.” I am not a gold digger, but I am not stupid either. If you want to see me, you will make it happen. Chicago let me know he does not normally do such a thing but also said that he can be flexible. As long as he is flexible, I will keep him around.

Good luck to whatever man can keep up or attempt to tame this wild beast!

Originally Posted November 28, 2008

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Repost: Ego Trippin..I don't mean to be cocky

I'm still as confident and cocky as I want to be. I make no apologies for loving me the way I was created.

I walked to Subway to grab a quick bite to eat during a crazy week at work. As I walk pass a beauty salon, a short man (he is actually 5 '9) who works inside came out to stop me.

(I remember this man from weeks prior. I had given him my number because he said he wanted me to model for a hair show he was doing in the near future. I'm not the one to turn down a free hair do so I gave him my digits. He called me immediately. Since I was busy enjoying my 5 minutes outside the 4 walls of my office, I didn't answer. He left a voicemail saying how beautiful I was and how we should hang out. I knew he wasn’t interested in only business. I decided then I was never going to return his call. I only wanted to talk business so if he wasn’t giving me a date for a show, I wasn’t the least bit interested.)

Being the nice person I am, I stopped to talk to him. He asked me how I was and then went on to compliment me. It is really funny to me how some men approach women these days. He listed all the things he liked about me and I looked at him and couldn’t return the compliment.

I am not asking for much and I can definitely appreciate a friendly compliment, but when a man cannot offer the same things he likes in me and proceeds to only talk about my body and what he wants to do with it, I get annoyed. Especially when they don't take the hint that I am not interested and that they are creepin me out.

1. If you like my height, I appreciate it. I am statuesque at about 6 foot tall(I love to wear heels) but why are you 5 ‘8” and tryna holla.

2. If you like my young age, again I appreciate it, but if you are over 32 please don’t step.

3. If you like my body, I work hard for it and thank you, but why are you 20 lbs over weight wearing a wife beater.

4. If you like that I am educated, I paid for it myself because I think it is important, why have you been enrolled at a CC for the past 10 yrs taking one class a semester and calling yourself educated.

5. If you like that I have my own place, thank you I am saving for a house before 30, why have you been living at home with your mother all your life without any plans on moving out.

6. If you like my car, it will be paid off next year and my credit will be on the rise, why are you at the bus-stop thinking I’m gonna give you a ride.

7. If you like my hair, thank you, I get it done often because I like to look nice, but why do you have raggedy cornrow extensions (with no visible parts) and call it a fresh do.

8. If you like my manicure and pedicure, thank you again I go once a week, but do you think you should be walking around without socks and toe nails like that.

9. If you like the smell of my perfume, I love it too and I own a lot of "smell goods," but why do you smell like feet. I appreciate a man who smells good. Cologne anyone?

10. If you like that I have confidence and I am independent, thank you, I wasn’t made this way but a beautiful woman made me this way. But why does your head hang low when you walk, aren’t you happy too.

I just find it funny that I am approached by men all the time who I have nothing in common but they think we would be great together. I don’t mean to come off so cocky and I really do appreciate the attention and it never gets old. (sometimes) But please don’t get mad at me for not being as interested in you as you are in me. I know I am not perfect and there are plenty of things I need to work on, but all I ask is that you bring to the table.

Now shoo little man.

I have plenty of room for growth and I want to grow with you, but if we are not at a similar starting point, our roads will never meet. There is not an exact criteria for the type of man that I will date, and my head is not a the point where I think I am too good for any man to approach, all I am saying is please don't call me a bitch if I see you have nothing to offer me.

It's not my fault we were'nt meant to be, oh, and have a good day.

Originally Posted November 24, 2008
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