Monday, March 2, 2009

Isn't your name...

This past weekend I was out an after party for the State of the Black Union. Although I was all partied out from the weeks prior, I decided not to spend another Saturday night at home.

The venue was a relatively nice layout. There was one room with a bar and dance floor and the other room had 2 bars and couches all around. I saw this guy eyeing me when I walked into the room with the dance floor. Whether I moved from the dance floor, the bar or rest room, his eyes was locked to me. The venue was dimly lit so I could not see what he looked like, but I could tell he was watching me. After the first hour of his continued gaze, also known as staring, I got a bit annoyed. For me, if you see something you like, go for it. I didn’t see anything I liked, so I kept dancing with my girls.

Another hour passed and my girls and I were still tearing up the floor. The party felt like my junior high dance. Most of the girls were on the dance floor dancing with each other. Most the men were positioned around the floor watching. A few couples were spread in between.

I spotted the guy again, this time he was talking to one of my girls. After she was done with him, she came over to me.

He says he remembers you from Facebook. He asked me if your name was SiSi.

I was not the least bit flattered. Should I have been? Then suddenly something about him remembering who I was from Facebook made me uncomfortable. I glanced over at him when I figured he was looking away to check if maybe I would recognize him. I didn’t know this guy. I grabbed my girl and quickly exited the dance floor towards the lounge are. How did he know my name?

As I was standing near the entrance of the entrance, I saw the guy walk in from the corner of my eye. I pretended to be deep into conversation, in hopes that he would lose the courage he had built up and turn away. Unfortunately, luck was not on my side that night. He interrupted our conversation. My friend walked away and left us alone. The first thing he asked was if I remembered him. I looked him dead in his eye and told him, no!

I didn’t recognize this man from anywhere. At some point in our short conversation he made one of the following statements that made me want to run straight out of the room.

1. I remember you had a yellow dress in your main picture that caught my eye. (This was in response to me asking him how he knew me from facebook)
2. It was rude of you not to reply to any of my messages on facebook. I hit you up a couple of times and you ignored me. (What the heck?!?!)
3. Do you still have a boyfriend? (Boyfriend?? I haven’t had a boyfriend in years. I obviously was not interested when you hit me up the first time, so I lied about being in a relationship)
4. You don’t have any kids; (insert his laughter) I would have seen them on your page. (This was in response to me saying I had 5 kids. I was trying to say something to get him to go away)
5. I am a very corny man who knows where you live. (Now this one he didn’t actually say but I feel it was implied during our conversation.)

Needless to say, I will not be going out with this gentleman. I also have a renewed interest in staying indoors on Saturday evenings.

Note: This story is one of the main reasons I stopped adding strangers on my Facebook page and why I decided to delete my MySpace account. Scary!

Have you ever meet someone who remembered you from Facebook or MySpace? Were you as shaken as I was when they could give you details about your page?


Just A Chic... said...

That's some scary shit. I avoid any unwanted attention on MySpace and Facebook by keeping my profiles private. I also block people who I don't want to communicate with so they can't even seen my status or email me.

Silent Scorpion said...

Just A Chic: I'm definitely taking notes. Privacy is a must. Especially after that incident.

Gigi said...

Please change your privacy settings on FB asap.

12kyle said...

Wow! That's kinda crazy. I agree with everybody else. Change your privacy settings on FB. I haven't had any problems on FB b/c I don't accept friend requests from people who I don't have any mutual friends with. Unless you're a blogger that I know and most of the bloggers who are my friends on FB are friends with other bloggers.

Gotta be careful. This world is filled with weirdos.

BTW...the idiot should have gotten the picture when you didn't accept his friend request the FIRST time!

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