Thursday, February 26, 2009

All the Mister's in between

When I begin dating a guy, everything is new and of course I am eager to find out as much as I can about him. After some time has passed, and I have learned more about him he moves out of the “Mr. I wonder where this will go” category and into one of the following. Normally, it only takes me a month or so for me to figure out which category.

Note: None of the categories are so rigid that a man can’t be moved at anytime from one to another or fit into more than one.

Mr. Take me out – This guy is not looking for anything serious but you do like going out with him. You never have to worry about picking up the check or him getting too physical. He knows his job and he does it well. Mr. I.E. has been slacking on this job. I haven’t seen him all year but we did address his issues recently. Realistically, I’m not sure he can or wants to do anything to move out of this category.

Mr. Let’s Talk – Since my time is limited, I hardly have time to talk on the phone for hours on end. (I know I need to work on even talking to my friends on the phone as well) For me, it makes more sense to see someone in person, rather than talk to them on the phone for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out perfectly, schedules conflict and the only time two people can find time for each other is on the phone. Or in my case with Chicago, there are a couple thousand miles in between us so we talk on the phone like teenagers and that’s all we have so far.

Mr. Maintenance Man – This one is self explanatory. I don’t currently have anyone in this category, although Mr. AOS is pushing for this spot. I know I don’t want that though, I want more.

Mr. Comfort Zone – This guy has been around for a while. You know him and he knows you very well. When your day is going bad, you can call him and he will make you feel better. No matter how many times you flake, cancel, or reschedule with him, he still stays around. You feel great when you are around him and kind of miss him when he is gone. I’m not exactly sure what future if any I have with Detroit, but he definitely fits this category. If Mr. Maintenance Man is busy, you may call Mr. Comfort Zone.

Mr. Right Now - He is not exactly what you are looking for. But he is great enough to hold the top position until someone who better fits your personality comes along. You spend most of your time with him, even though your gut is telling you, the relationship will never move forward. Even if you gave him the title, the relationship could last at best, 2 years. I try not to give guys false hope, so I consciously stay away from this category. I'd rather be alone than to purposely hurt someone else or myself in the future.

Mr. Right – This guy is not exactly perfect, but he is perfect for you. When you’re with him, you don’t want to be with anyone else. When he is away, you miss him like crazy. All those other guys seem rather mediocre in comparison to Mr. Right. In the beginning of dating he may or may not have ever been in one of those other categories. Now obviously, no one is currently in this category for me. We shall see, I’m still optimistic about finding Mr. Right, but I am having some fun in the meantime, most of the time.

At some point, your guy may have started in one category and moved onto another. Do you have any other dating categories you can think of?


Mr. Fantastic said...

Ms. SS,

I know that this is a VERY late post, but I will respond anyway. Have you ever found that any of the other misters might be a deterrent for Mr. Right ?

For example, as you're getting to know Potential Mr. Right, you're chillin with Mr. Comfort Zone and it give off the wrong vibe?

Silent Scorpion said...

I don't put any man into any of these categories until they give me a reason not to take them seriously.

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