Thursday, March 26, 2009

Watch This: VH1 Tough Love

A few weeks ago VH1 premiered a show called Tough Love that I think every single woman should watch.

Here is a summary of the show:

Tough Love on VH1 takes 8 women to Tough Love Boot Camp. Mother and son Master Matchmakers, Steven and JoAnn Ward. The reality series follows the grueling process of helping eight different women who are looking for love.

In the first episode, What Men Really Think, the eight women put themselves out there for Steven to tell them what they were doing wrong. If they are coming across as slutty, needy, motherly, cold or tough, Steven confronted them with how they were being perceived by men.

First impressions are everything in love and these women needed coaching to understand how they were coming across to the men they meet. The process was sometimes cruel and brutally honest.

The process was not to hurt feelings, but to teach women changes needed to make a better first impression. Women were told how men perceived them and then gived a makeover so they could go out a make a great first impression. They were also coached about they way they talked and related to people that could turn men off.
Steven Ward promised the women that if they followed his advice for the eight week bootcamp, they would be able to find love.

Tough Love airs on on VH1 on Sunday night, at 10 PM ET.

This should be at the very least entertaining. "Reality" TV, gotta love it.


Intreguing Lady said...

i am one step ahead of you. it is already on my DVR list. i wish i could do this for myself and my friends

hmong411 said...

I missed all the episodes to watch celibrity apprentice. Another "no duh" factor but girls need this. Some of the comments from the girls from previews were pretty rediculous. Trite. "I dont club to meet guys". And I read playboy for the articles. Yeah and I hang out at barber shops for the ambience and conversation. Not to get my hair cut. I saw clips of the undercover video of the girls in the club and how they blow off guys, stare off into space. There is so much wrong with these women that its disgusting. And i'm afraid something I say or said will match what the guy says to the girls, so I will hold off on watching them week to week. I esp love the "I'm hot why am I still single?". Well my mothers never been married. One problem is she is an Aquarius with leo rising. Double leo. It doesnt show. I'm a leo rising, and this does effect women. They leave without word or die suddenly. Women are intimidated by the aura of a leo ascendant MALE. Anyways back to mom. She's in her late 50's and just starting to look for guys online. She was told in the early 90s she would marry a dr, short who wears glasses by a psychic, and this was broadcasted on a AM talk show. After the psychic says she starts making money with medicine. Well, she's almost there and its been how long? She came down here to go to some school, that was december of 1991. She enrolled in late 2002. She graduated and did nothing then got cancer in 2005. Its like, helloo is there anyone upstairs? Why am I still single? I'm not wondering. Why are you? I guess you have to be ready to find a guy who is going to give it to you straight who isnt intersted at all in getting your phone number or in your pants. I think the best advice is uhm, find a man, not a male, not a boy, not a gay husband or a female friend with questionable preferences to tell you what your doing wrong. And listen. Psychics work if you ask the right questions and are forward looking and they are talented. But like he said, dont bring up ex bf's and psychics with a guy. I've had girls try that magic, voodoo or whatever. It didnt work. And whats the point of a magic wand if you cant get your act together. Get those tatoos removed, pull out those piercings and drop that attitude. Clubbing is not a lifestyle or hobby. Find interests outside clubbing and hanging out with your trashy trap ghetto friends. Then we'll talk. Otherwise, see you when your late 50s like ole mom here and when you get tired of trying to get love from vegetables or kitchen utencils, start seeking advice on how to change what you need to change to have someone in your life.

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