Friday, March 13, 2009

Ever wonder, what if? (Part 2)

Apparently the entire neighborhood decided to go to the same park we were going to. There was absolutely no parking in sight, anywhere near the park. We must have driven around for at least a half hour looking for a spot.

He received call during our scavenger hunt for a parking spot. I tuned out from that moment on trying to prepare myself for what was about to happen. Finally, we found a spot.

As we were walking towards the park, I was trying not to look around. I was hoping that she wasn’t there. Please tell me she left, I repeated to myself. Now is not the time.

Quatro ended his call and seemed disappointed. I asked him if his mother and family were still there, well here. He informed me that they had left.


I felt so much better, so much more relaxed. Apparently they had waited long enough, (for me?) and were ready to go home. I didn’t want to discuss the situation any further. I had dodged that bullet and I was happy but upset with him. We had discussed family the week prior and I told him I was not ready to meet anyone.

For the next couple of months (yes I said months), I avoided any contact with Quatro. When he called, I was very short with him and always found a reason to be unavailable. For some reason he kept pursuing me. And finally in September he wore me down. When his birthday came around, I found a reason to see him. We had a special dinner by the beach just the two of us and spent the rest of the evening walking along the coast.

We had fallen back into our old habits for a few weeks until work got in the way. I was working so many hours that there was no time for anything else, including Quatro. He would still call, but I could tell he was beginning to loose become frustrated that our relationship wasn’t moving forward.

During that time, he asked me again where our relationship was going. But I still wasn’t ready. Yes we had been dating for about 5 months, but I still afraid of commitment. Its not like I was seeing anyone else, there just wasn’t enough time in the day for that. But I wasn’t ready so I shut him down, again.

When he started to contact me even less, I was so wrapped in work that I didn’t have time to do anything about it. By the time I was back to a regular schedule, his calls were fewer and less in between.

Two months later, a few weeks before Christmas I got the news via Facebook. Quatro got what he wanted, from someone else. He was listed as ‘in a relationship.’

Quatro would still call to check up on me every once in a while for the next few months but eventually that would end.

Fast forward 3 years. Thanks to Facebook I have more great news to report. Quatro is married. Yes, married. He married the girl he got with after me. Just recently I was checking Facebook and his page was filled with their wedding pictures.

Looking at the pictures I couldn’t help but wonder what if. What if I had met Quatro now instead of 3 years ago? What if I had known then what I know now? That there are not a lot of men like Quatro out there, who are that focused and driven who put God first. Who wanted to find someone to spend the rest of their life with?

Without playing games.

Without the drama.

Quatro and I were not meant to be. But seeing those pictures made me think about our relationship and how it concluded?

Have you ever had a relationship that you were responsible for ending?

Have you ever wondered, what if?

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Che Che said...

ive never experienced that situation before but i know i would be wondering that what if a lot in my life. but in the end everything happens for a reason and that just means the man you are suppose to spend the rest of your life with is still out there waiting to meet you.

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