Monday, March 30, 2009

Looking for Love In All the "Wrong" Places

Majority rules that a night club is not a place to meet someone nice--however, going out to dance and dressing fashionably are part of my interests. So, wouldn't make sense I would meet someone with similar interests at such a place? I have been told repeatedly that a nightclub is not a good place for meeting a potential life partner, it can happen yes, but the odds are against it right. I know that most men (and some women) are there for a one night deal. But that’s not why I go, so why can’t I keep my options open.

Over the last several of years, the list of places where I have been told I should not meet a mate or give my number to, has grown tremendously. It used to be “don’t give your number out in a night club,” which I get but sometimes don’t follow. Either way I’d prefer to meet a guy when I’m looking the way I do everyday. In jeans and cute shirt (I don’t do t-shirts) and heels. I love heels, what can I say.

I have compiled a list of places friends and some family has repeatedly told me not to meet a guy. Some of them are a bit ridiculous. I have also listed places I have been told is a good place to meet a guy.

Nightclub/Lounge - Too many reasons given to type
While driving down the street – I must admit I have done this once, can’t say I wouldn’t do it again.
At the gym – I work out hard, shouldn’t he?
Online – This one I agree with hands down, did you read my stalker post.
At the gas station – Random I know but doesn’t everyone need gas?
At work – After experimenting with this one, I do agree its not a good place in case things don’t work out, things can get fishy. Especially if you find out you were dating the office slut. (I use slut to refer to males as well.)

Church – hmmm some of those same people were at the club the night before, I know because sometimes I am sometimes one of them.
At the grocery store – If he cooks, this may be great!
Through a mutual friend – Do you trust your friends’ opinion? This one has actually worked out the best for me by far. That's how I met Mr. AOS, who isn't horrible, just not the one for me. And that's how I met Detroit, I was the "bring a cute friend."
Bookstore or library – I guess. Common interests…
School or work convention – Just like with a bookstore, you can find someone with common interests it seems.
Bar – funny how a bar is okay but a club is not. I think it’s because you can talk to a person at a bar without yelling. This does not include LA bar/club/lounges that are called bars and lounges but have a tiny dance floor and play loud music. Dance floor = Club!

I noticed that the places to meet a nice guy all have one thing in common. They have a setting conducive to conversation, which aids in getting to know someone. So I do understand why so many people have told me to shy away from certain places, but with each year I spend dating, someone is always giving me a new one. With all these rules, it’s hard to keep up with when and where I should give my number out and/or take a guy seriously.

Ultimately I always keep my options open and make my decision on a case by case basis. It’s so much easier that way. I still know the stigma behind a few on the ‘places not to meet a man list,’ but I’ll make the final decision.

Do you have any additional places to add to this list? I feel like I am leaving off some key places.

Where would you not want to tell your girls you met a nice guy? (Or would you be too embarrassed to shout on the rooftop where you met your dream man.)

If he is so nice, why should you care anyway...

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