Monday, February 2, 2009

D-Day/V-Day: When did this happen?

This time last year I was basking in the glory that is single-dome with most, if not all, of my close friends. It’s one thing to be single with several single friends sharing in your experiences; it’s another thing to be one of the few single friends left in the bunch. Since when did my friends get booed up?

Now not all of my friends are booed up, but every time I look up, a friend of mine has found someone to gush over. While I am happy and wish them the best, I just didn’t realize it had happened. I was mentally making plans for the upcoming ‘holiday’ and I noticed my list of single friends had shrunk astronomically.

V-Day or as I would like to call it, D-Day (Date-less Day) is quickly approaching and, again, I am without a proper suitor. Yes, Chicago is still in the picture, but unless he is a magician, I will be spending D-Day without him. The one person I could always count on for some fabulous D-Day bashing, is booed up. Ms. Crabby Cancer herself is head over heels in-like with her new guy and I am nothing but happy for her. She deserves nothing but the best but her track sheet is filled with undeserving gentleman who don’t match her intellect and aspirations. This is definitely not the case with her current match, I think he is great for her and I wish them the best.

But where does that leave Si Si on D-Day?

Not sure yet, but it wont be at home sulking, that’s for sure. Looks like I’ll have to pull out my little black book and call some person I have yet to blog about.


I wonder where my phone book will lead me. I have no excitement about D-Day this year, except that it is my best friends’ b-day (Happy b-day Izzie!) I know I’m forecasting early, but for some reason I feel this year will be a little more interesting than previous years. I may not necessarily be speaking for myself either.

Congrats to those who are booed up this V-Day.


Congrats to those who are not booed up this D-Day. (Its not that bad being single. I rather enjoy it myself.)

Less than 2 more weeks…

Yay! (I guess)


Intreguing Lady said...

so as one of the boo'ed up friends, its funny but V-Day (or D-Day) is not necessarily as exciting as it used to be. i think we make a huge deal about VDay because everyone else does but if ur relationship is great, every day is like V-Day. And if its not great, one little romantic dinner isn't gonna fix a thing. I remember last year, Crabby Cancer, my best friend and I all baked a V-Day cake with pink frosting and little hearts on top and it was one of the best cakes of my life. I would advise everyone to do the same with ur'ed up or not.

IZZIE said...



Jadiant3 said...

F Valentine's Day! lol