Thursday, February 5, 2009

Coming to America

Last week I finally went out with a guy I have been ducking and dodging from for the last 2 years. Let me give you the a brief history lesson on him.

Most of my male friends are Nigerian, and at some point or another they have all made passes at me. (True story) None of which I have ever or will ever seriously consider. Don't get me wrong, these are very nice and well educated men, but, well they are my friends and I want to keep it that way.

I was at the house party of one of my exes not boyfriend Mr. Ace of Spades (Mr. AOS). Mr. AOS was the only guy I seriously dated in 2008 and I still had a thing for him. I went to his party to see him. During the party, I tried to stay close to my old friends, my tactic for not needing to meet new ones. It just so happened that most of them were guys. One of my guy friends, KO, went into the same sad song and dance with me I seem to have when I am around them.

Are you still single??


You’re too nice and beautiful to be single. Really?!?!?


Let me hook you up?

(Long pause) Sure, why not.

Two years prior KO had tried to hook me up with his cousin, K2, who was moving to the states soon. I played into the future meeting and gave him permission to give out my number. Unfortunately, I never got around to returning his call. I have a bad habit of doing that.

Then last year, around the same time I was dating Mr. AOS, I met KO’s cousin at a Nigerian party. I gave K2 my number, and then after a while told him I had a boyfriend. For me, the way things were going with Mr. AOS, I thought I would soon. Now, let us fast forward back to the party.

I’m going to tell my cousin to give you a call.


Two days later while I was out with friends, I got a text message from an un-stored phone number. This was followed up by a phone call from that same number. Less than 10 minutes later I receive another text message. This series of missed call and text messages occur within a span of 30 minutes. I change phones so much, I never know if it is a new person or old trying to contact me so I normally reply with my usual, “Sorry I just got a new phone. Who is this?”

Before I could reply, I re-read the last message. I knew from the Pigeon English that the person who sent the message had to be Nigerian. Instead of writing, “what’s good,” the message said, “wots gud.”


I smiled once I realized who it was. This began our back and forth messaging. K2 and I made plans for the following week. Unfortunately for him, better plans came along and I cancelled. I tippy toed around the subject of seeing K2 for a few more days, and never answered any phone calls. Even returning his text messages became an issue. My level of interest just wasn’t matching his. At last, last week we met up. I figured, it wasn’t good to write K2 off before even seeing him in person once.

We met up separately, much to his dismay I don’t like to ride in cars with strangers, at Benihanas Restaurant. Throughout our date, K2 poured on the charm. You are so beautiful, I admire you.

After we got inside, we got into the nitty gritty. This is the part of dating I hate to love. The initial meeting and the conversation that followed. It’s usually filled with back and forth banter about how we got to this point. Who are you? Where are you going, etc. I love it because I like getting to getting into the heads of strangers.

K2 plans on moving back to Africa after he completes his pharmacy or dentistry program. He is currently applying to both while he finishes his master in biochemistry. Calling him intelligent doesn’t do him any justice. During this time he would like to find his wife, who would of course have to agree to either A) move to Africa with him or B) stay in America with the kids until they are old enough to join him. I told him good luck with that. (Mr. AOS had this same, ‘Coming to America’ dream)

Two more hours into our conversation, after discussing my goals, I moved on to his likes and dislikes. I’m a pro at dating, so I knew how to keep the conversation flowing.

Me: Do you like going out?

K2: No, I’d rather sit at home with friends. When I do go out, I like to just chill and people watch.

Me: Oh, okay, well, what is your favorite movie?

K2: I don’t really like movies.

Me: What?!?!? So what do you do for fun?

K2: I enjoy spending time with friends and family. Eating. Travelling home to Nigeria. Ummm, I really like, “Coming to America.”

Me: I love watching movies; I guess I won’t be taking you.

K2: No, I would go with you.

Me: Even though you don’t like doing something, you’d still do it.

K2: Yeah, I would do stuff with you just to be around you.

Me: Bark like a dog. You said you like to do what I like.

I knew he would remember that scene from, ‘Coming to America?’ since we had just talked about it.

K2: (looks at me straight in my eye and bursts into laughter)

Me: I was just kidding. (Insert big loveable smile here)

K2: You’re so funny.

Part of me was kidding, but part of me was so serious. How could a grown man have no strong likes or dislikes of his own? Where was his passion? After that point the conversation didn’t get uncomfortable, and dinner was delicious. K2 knew I was kidding, and laughed it off. I glanced over to check the tip, which I always do. K2 passed with flying colors, $20. Good job, I thought. He walked me to my car and we went our separate ways. We have date 2 planned for this weekend.

This should be interesting…I’m taking him to the movies.

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IZZIE said...

First of... Get it. lol

Secondly if K2 is willing to do DO NOT DO NOT STOP IT.

GOSH YOU ARE TRULY A PIMPESS... When I grow up I want to be like you. ;)


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