Friday, February 6, 2009

Breaking all the Rules

Now I usually reserve my posts to writing about myself but I feel the need to venture out today. Especially since my dating life hasn’t been moving forward and I don’t want my readers to loose hope in finding true love and happiness.

Every time I talk to Ms. Crabby Cancer she gives me hope that there are good men out there. Even though, my dating experiences aren’t always the best, I have now been reminded that they can end up well. Even though I am jumping the gun, a lot, I don’t care. I am living for today. And today things are good. Congrats to her!

After having a couple of one-on-one conversations with her about Mr. P, I am assured that things are real. Their chemistry and intellect are matched to the T. Ms. Crabby Cancer and Mr. P want the same things in life and are moving full speed ahead towards it. The train to bliss is moving fast and she is on board.

How do I know this for sure you may ask? Let me give you a little back story. I am a part of a tight nit group of girls. We met 5 years ago and for the most part have been pretty inseparable since. Our group goes beyond the 13 (used to be 14) of us. Our group was added to a much bigger group and way of life and we have brought in groups of intelligent women after us.

There is one thing to introduce your male friend to one of us, but it is an entirely different story to introduce him to the entire bunch. Ms. CC has decided that the time has come to bring Mr. P around us. If you recall from my post about Mr. IE, our group strikes fast when we smell new blood and not too many men have made it out alive from our claws. (I must say that sometimes I am a bit involved in group interrogations.)

Knowing all of this Ms. CC has decided that to bring him to us. May God be with him when he meets the group. I wish him the best.

Note: I will no longer refer to Ms. CC as Ms. Crabby Cancer, she will now be called Aarvina. (correction:Aaronvina)

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Intreguing Lady said...

I am so excited for CC...err Aarvina and her new beau. He is very brave for coming around us. Well not me, becuz i'm nice. but us as a group can be intimidating for any guy with sense. we shall see if he passes our inspection.