Friday, February 13, 2009

Red Carnation

Considering how late I got in last night, I was quite chipper this morning. I took my time getting dressed, making sure that my clothes fit properly, my hair was done and I looked refreshed. I took an extra 5 minutes to warm up my car, which doesn’t happen very often and headed to work.

My mornings are usually filled with bouts of road rage. I swear sometimes that it is some people’s goal in life to piss me off when driving. This morning was different. I turned the volume of my Jamie Foxx CD (bathtub music-check) and made my way to my office. I’ve listened to this CD several times so I am jamming as I drive. She got her own is my ish! I pull into the parking structure and am surprised to see several parking spots. Usually, if I arrive to the office any later than 8:45, I am forced to park in the second structure. Not there is nothing wrong with this structure, but everyone who works in the buildings want first dibs on the first structure.

I pull in, turn my music down and head towards my spot. As I am driving I see a gentleman across the structure in the corner of my eye. This brotha was on point. Creased dark grey slacks, white button down and a blue tie adorned his caramel body. This brotha took his time staying groomed, his low fade and Gotee were clean. I noticed all of this from over several feet away. Damn I thought to myself. Why was moving so fast? As I drove towards my spot he stopped for a second. Did he see me I thought? Maybe he did and he wants to wait for me. He heads back to his car; I guess he must have forgotten something.

I hop out of my car and head towards the main building. I notice that he is headed back towards the building as well. I guess whatever it is he left, he has retrieved it. As he gets closer, I notice that he is on the phone. How can I start a conversation with a man on the phone? Oh well I thought.

As I am walking up the ramp, we lock eyes. I smile and look away. After all, I am still very shy when it comes to attractive men. (Now men that I am not attracted to, have just the opposite affect on me)

I continue up the second curve of the ramp and our eyes connect again. Whoever he is talking to must not be that important because he keeps looking at me. I head across the street towards the building. He speeds up a little behind me as he ends his conversation on the phone.

At the entrance of my building stands an older gentleman in a Scrooge type black coat, a black suit and red bowtie. He stops me, “Excuse me miss,” and hands me a flower. “Happy Valentines Day,” he says.

“Thank you very much,” I reply.

When I arrive to the elevator doors an older Hispanic man holds the door and lets me in. The guy from the parking lot joins us.

“First floor right,” the Hispanic man says. “Yes,” I reply. (I have seen him around numerous times and we always share greetings)

“Fourth floor,” the guy from the parking lot says as he hurries in.

“I was hoping they would be giving out chocolate,” the guy from the parking lot says.

“Well since they didn’t give me any, you want to be my chocolate for Valentines Day,” I thought to myself.

“It’s okay I like flowers,” I reply as we lock eyes again.

We arrive at the first floor and as I exit I tell them to have a great day.

“You too,” they reply in unison.

As soon as the elevator doors close, I do what I normally do. I replay the events in my head. What if I had said something, would that be awkward. There was another man on the elevator so I was too embarrassed to flirt. Will I see him again?

I get to my desk and place the red carnation in a secure place. My coworkers, who did not arrive in time to see the building management giving out the flowers, make reference to my secret admirer.

“You must have a secret admirer,” one says.

“Ohhh that is a pretty flower, hmmmmm” another one says.

At first I quickly correct them. After the second comment, I get tired of explaining its presence. I decide that it is okay for them to think I have an admirer. Who knows, maybe I do. If luck should have it, I might bump into the guy from the elevator again. It's only a matter of time right, we work in the same building. Again, who knows.

Throughout this morning, I've glanced at my carnation and thought, that's such a pretty flower. I know one day I will have a [secret] admirer who sends flowers, but today, it's nice that everyone else thinks I do already.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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lol I agree with that comment. Just randomly end up on his floor.

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