Monday, February 23, 2009

Half Empty or Full?

I enjoyed my Valentine’s Day. It was filled with sports, sports and more sports. Mr. AOS and I spent the day watching the NBA all-star skills game, shoot off and all the other festivities. It was nothing romantic or even thoughtful. But I had fun spending time with him and I love me some Dwight Howard so that was the icing.

When I would tell my friends about my day they weren’t as enthusiastic as I was. I knew Mr. AOS wouldn’t do anything special for the day nor did I want him to. I’ve never really celebrated V-Day and we aren’t at a place to do so anyway. If there were any kind of hoopla or romantic gesture, I would have felt more uncomfortable than anything else. So, I was happy to chill and watch sports.

Since then, we haven’t seen each other and that’s more his fault than mine. When we talked, he gave the same song and dance I’m used to hearing from guys and him in particular. This was the same guy that would continuously disappear for days on in end only to reappear with some sad excuse about his schedule. 8 months later, and things with him haven’t change.

Luckily for me, I have. I don’t sit by the phone and wait for his call. I haven’t cut out every other gentleman for the slim chance that he will come to his senses and see how great I am. If I call and he doesn’t return my calls for days, it’s ok. He may not be that interested in dating me, and I’m not that interested in playing his game.

I know what I want and I won’t settle for less.

The funny thing is that one of my friends is having the exact opposite dating issue. Mr. AOS calls when he wants to see me but not to talk and see how I am doing; which I feel is also important. Her guy on the other hand doesn’t call to see her because she is the mistress to his career. This man is a workaholic but he makes sure to contact her in some way, multiple times a day, everyday. Now I’m not saying I want or even need the same kind of attention, but I do like to know a guy is interested.

So I wonder, is my glass half empty or full?


12kyle said...

*1st time coming thru*

I think it's half full. It sounds like you have more control...more say...about where your relationship is headed. And you don't sound stressed about what's gonna happen next. That's important. Sounds like your friend will always be in second place to the career. That's not a good look.

Nice blog

Silent Scorpion said...

12kyle: Thanks for your comment. Hope to see you back here soon.