Monday, May 4, 2009

May Recap

With everything that has been going on, I haven’t been on one single date. I haven’t even given out my phone number. And those men that were around have fallen to the wayside. For the last few weeks my world has been turned upside down but luckily for me I landed on my two big sturdy feet.

I had to get a new apartment but it was truly a blessing in disguise. Because of it, I am actually excited when I think about going home. Recently I have spent countless hours thinking of ways I can add a little spice to it and best thing of all, I have complete and total privacy. Its funny how four walls can make a person as happy as it has for me.

I will be spending the next couple of weeks playing interior decorator. This past weekend was exhausting and expensive, but also exhilarating. This blank canvas that I have been given to create my dream world is the apple of my eye right now. And any man who wants any of my time will have to find a way to fit in. Which may be a tad bit difficult, being that I am 6 feet tall and quite strong, I don’t really require a mans height or strength when it comes to hanging things.

If the right man comes along in between my drive from work to home and vice versa, I guess I’ll look up from my steering wheel and give him a chance.

Here are the few that have made it through my hiatus and are kinda still around:

1. Detroit – I think that I am leaning on him more lately because I know that he is not available. When he told me he would be coming to my friends’ fundraiser a lounge, I texted and told him to leave Mrs. Red at home. I of course followed that with a “j/k.” Which he immediately knew was insincere and he called me out on it. “You’re not playing,” he replied. “I am definitely not playing,” I replied.

At the party, I tried not to stay in any one spot too long, as I normally do. I had to work the room. Our relationship is based strongly on sarcasm. Something I also share with his friend. We don’t usually take any comment personally, which is what makes our conversations so entertaining. At one point in the night his friend felt a bit stung about a comment Detroit had made earlier and decided that the best way to get him back was to share some information with me. Detroit clowned the fact that he wouldn’t be getting married any time soon and his friend said, “Well yeah, seeing as you are definitely on that path, I guess not.”

I immediately excused myself from the conversation. The comment was supposed to make Detroit uneasy, as it did, but it also made me uneasy as well. I know, Detroit is in a relationship, but it didn’t dawn on me how serious things could be getting with is current partner. I know that if I want to say something, the time is now, but it isn’t getting any easier as time passes.

2. Chicago – He is coming out here next Friday and he has been one of those causalities of my move. I just haven’t had time or desire to sit on the phone with him for hours on end. But at the same time, I haven’t had too many missed calls to not return. At this point, I’m not even sure I’m going to see him when he comes out here. I’ll know for sure by the end of the week.
3. That’s it…there are no more…shocking I know.

My list hasn’t been this short all year. Actually it has never been this short. Especially considering the fact that Detroit doesn’t count and Chicago doesn’t really either.

Fortunately, right now I’m not concerned about it. I’m focused on me 100 percent. Plus, I don’t have any furniture in my room just yet and rug burn is no laughing matter.

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