Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Happy Medium: Not sure what it is yet

Why is it when I get exactly what I’ve been complaining about not having, I change my mind? I’ve said for the longest the type of man I want. He had to be X, Y and most importantly Z. But it seems that the more, let’s call him suitor A, plays the role, the more I wish he would change.

Suitor A doesn’t contact me too often during the week. He claims that the week is the busiest for him and that he will try and make time for me during the weekend. According to him he has a jam packed schedule which doesn’t allow for much contact throughout the week. I always say, you make time for what you want. So I recognize that at this point in time, I don’t fall very high on that list. But at the same time, I feel like he could do more.

Suitor B is the complete opposite. He has thrown me into the mix of his life at 90 miles an hour. Suitor B makes sure to contact me throughout the day, everyday. He wakes me up in the morning with a message and he is the last person to contact me at night, most of the time. His friends must know who I am because recently he added me to one of his group chats that included 6 males and me. I was watching the Lakers game and when I picked up my phone I had been thrown into a blackberry group chat where he repeatedly called me out on things. They joined in on the fun and I spent the entire game chatting with him and all of his friends. Suitor B is always making plans to see me and I recognize it and appreciate it.

Unfortunately, I think I have more interest in Suitor A, than Suitor B.

I’m not rushing anything with either of them, which is why neither of them gets a name at this point. I’m just wondering, why is it that I can’t identify my happy medium. I feel like Goldilocks trying to find the bed that fits me just right. At this point, the first one is too small (or makes too little contact), while the second might be too big (or makes a lot but not necessarily too much contact.)

Should I try one more bed or work with what I’ve got? Since I have been in this scenario before I know that they will solve this dilemma for me. So I’ll keep standing next to them, until they figure it out.

I hope this doesn’t take too long; I’m wearing 4-inch heels for goodness sake.

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Intreguing Lady said...

indecisive are we. i wonder if it's that you are not ready to settle with someone so everything seems wrong. or maybe its that these are both just not the guys for u. or maybe u can't be satisfied with what's being offered because of internal reasons. whatever the cause, don't become a typical female who goes after guys who dog her out and leave behind the ones who are faithful and true. we always want what we must fight and work for...lets face it, everyone's up to a challenge. but u dont wanna be with someone who is still putting u at the bottom of their list even if u get more involved. u deserve to be treated like a queen...PERIOD! anyone who doesn't meet that requirement, nice and attentive or removed and busy, doesn't deserve you. so bump them fools! :)

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