Monday, May 18, 2009

Making it Count: Excited

Part 1

There was no way I was going out Friday night. Too many thoughts were going through my head and I hadn’t packed one single item during the week like I had planned. After throwing some clothes in my suitcase, I set my alarm for 7 am. I knew the drive from Los Angeles to San Diego would be an exhausting one so I wanted to get plenty of rest. By 11 pm I was in bed, lights off and eyes shut. Unfortunately, I spent most of the night I tossing and turning, constantly failing at forcing myself to sleep.

Before the sun came up the next morning my phone rang. I had finally forced myself to sleep a few hours before but someone decided they wanted to wake me at that moment. I rolled over to check the time. I felt like I hadn’t been sleep for longer than 2 minutes so I knew it had to be early.

5:15, my clock red in bright letters.

Who the heck is calling me this early in the morning, I thought to myself. I reached over and picked up my cell phone. Chicago’s screen saver popped up. I smiled, sat up and put on my best morning voice. “Hello.”

“Well good morning. I can’t wait to see you. I’m sitting at the airport anxiously waiting. I wanted to make sure you didn’t get cold feet,” he said.

“No, I’ll be there at 11:30,” I assertively replied.

He wanted to make sure that he had given me the right time so he asked the flight attendant what time they should expect to be in LA.

“11,” I heard her reply.


“I guess our flight is going to be early. So we’ll be there at 11. Is that okay?”

“That’s fine; I’ll be there at 11. See you soon.”

As we hung up I was both happy that he would be here sooner but grumpy because I was so tired. I lay back in the bed and attempted to get more sleep.

Beep Beep Beeeeeeep!!! Beep Beep Beeeeeeep!!!

My alarm abruptly snapped me out of my dream. This time I really was awake and about to face reality. In a matter of hours I was going to be face to face with Chicago.

For a short second my trip to Texas crossed my mind. For some reason I had a feeling this was not going to be the same; which was both reassuring and scary.

I hopped out of bed and into the shower. I had laid everything out the night before so I was out the door within 45 minutes.

I checked the clock before I left.


I was on time, wide awake and ready for my drive to San Diego.

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Intreguing Lady said...

you better keep it coming. now im anxious to know what happens next!

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