Thursday, May 28, 2009

As the Tables Turn

The bright red sign read:

Do not pass go.
Do not collect a single bachelor.

As recent as three months ago, this man had been around for the last two years patiently waiting for his second turn with me. I wasn't at a point in my life where I appreciated what I had in front of me. Just when I recognized it, he moved on with someone else, Ms. Red.

Fast forward to this past weekend, I had finally come to grips with this red status. His calls had become less and less frequent and Detroit was no longer a part of my life in that way. Plus, Chicago had finally made his way to L.A. and I was more concerned with exploring those opportunities.

After this week, I just don’t understand Detroit and what went through his head when he decided to reverse our relation. He hadn’t crossed my mind in the last couple of weeks because I was so enamored with Chicago and my weekend roundezvous with him. I haven’t thought about him, Ms. Red or our whole triangle for a while now. He had moved on and now I was beginning to do the same. Just when things in my life are beginning to make sense, Detroit decides he wants to confuse me all over again. The thing is I’m not confused anymore.

When he came over a couple of nights ago, the only thing on my mind was Chicago (and what color to paint the walls in my new apartment. I think I’ve picked out a pretty color palate.) The only benefit I got from his visit was the stroking of my ego. It doesn't hurt to know that a guy you were once interested in, is now interested in you. This doesn't mean that I don't still have feelings for him, because by no means were they turned off, it's just I look at him differently now since his visit.

At several points throughout the night I made sure to mention Ms. Red. At no point did he refute their relationship so I couldn't figure out the purpose of his visit since he has her. I refuse to believe that all men are the same, but yesterdays events were a bit disheartening. Knowing all that I know about him and Ms. Red, I just don't understand it.

He never confirmed whether or not he was still with Ms. Red, but he never denied it either. Plus his screen saver was a dead give away of some type of current relationship.

That's a serious turn off when guys are down to cheat with you because that means they're willing to cheat on you. - Jaded Radiance

Why has Detroit decided to make an appearance now? What does he want from me? (I'm sure these were probably some of the questions going through his head in April.)

Does this mean he is back at orange/yellow status?

The answer to those questions don't matter...


Intreguing Lady said...

yea advertising, even subtly, that you will cheat on your Sig Other, is so not attractive. sigh...

jolie fatale said...

sounds like he was reaching and if you gave him an inch he would take the mile and take you to the bed....sleeze bucket..

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