Monday, January 5, 2009

Opposites Attract...What do Similars do?

I’m beginning to understand why they say opposites attract. Mr. IE and I have a lot in common, and that may not be too beneficial for a courtship. Our dating style is what stands out to me the most at this moment as a tad problematic.

I have always been the type to let a guy do most, if not all of the work when it comes to getting to know each another. It doesn’t matter if I like a guy or not; I hardly make much of an effort either way. Unfortunately, the same can probably be said about Mr. IE.

We went out again last week and it was much the same as the first. We have pretty cool conversation and he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Mr. IE has a lot of the qualities I want in a guy, his swag and an extensive vernacular are on point. He is very care free and is pretty good at keeping me laughing and on my toes during an encounter. The attraction is definitely there on both ends, as he has been sure to let me know on a few occasions, but I’m not sure if there will be more.

Our first two dates were both initiated by me during one of our conversations. I’m not really too forward but I find myself being more and more direct with him. We don't talk too often but when we do, I enjoy our conversations. (Not as much as my conversations with Chicago, but I do have some interest.) There is a different side of my personality that I explore when I talk to Mr. IE and that is what makes our conversations so interesting.(I won't say what makes them so fascinating, I have to keep something to myself.)

While Mr. IE has noted that he sees me as a straight forward personality he also thinks I’m an angel and has gone so far as to dedicate Beyonce’s song ‘Halo’ to me. A term I personally use very loosely to refer to myself, even as I type this story. I have even noticed that he has been trying to find some dirt on me by asking me directly, but I’m not that forthcoming just yet especially since I am not sure what his intentions are."What is the worst thing you've ever done?" "Have you ever kissed a stranger?"

I am by no means blinded by his charm. I know men tell you what you want to hear in the beginning so I am playing it by ear. I will keep Mr IE around as long as he likes or unless I see its not going somewhere.

Since he hasn’t attempted to set time to see me again, I’m starting to think maybe he is just not that interested in this angel. If any of my girls were to tell me the same scenario I would say he’s just not that into you. But since he has never refused nor has he hesitated when I suggest that we go out I’ll try not to jump to that conclusion yet. I believe I have made my interest in him clear.(I think but I'm not usually too vocal about my feelings. I show them better than I can say them.)

So I will wait to see what his next move is.

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