Thursday, January 8, 2009

Something to Remember

It’s about 12:20 a.m. and I just arrive back at the party after a misunderstanding with my friend and the club security. I hadn’t been out in a while (a while for me is 4 weeks) so I decided nothing was going to interrupt my night out. Plus, I had a sexy outfit on that night, that showed off the physique I worked so hard to maintain, but not too skin much to be trashy.

There were 6 girls in my party of different ethnicities, height, weight and style. I guess you could say our group was pretty well rounded and extraordinarily diverse. There was a girl for whatever type a guy could want with me. We walked in a single filed line straight towards the dance floor when we came in. My girls pushed me to the head of the pack, since I have no problem (politely) asking someone to move out of my way. There were a couple guys who caught my eye as I made my across the room, but none that would deter me from my goal, the dance floor.

As I was about to enter the dance floor I see a gentlemen of great stature and style to my left with 2 other tall men. We lock eyes for a quick second but I continue walking with my flock. I smile as I turn and yell at myself (in my head of course) for not speaking. Why do I continue to do this? See a cute guy, turn the other way, and repeat.

As soon as I hear my favorite song, I rush towards the middle of the floor and they guy with the scarf becomes a distant memory. I came here to shake what my momma gave me and now I was ready.

The music is loud and the DJ isn’t half bad so I am enjoying myself. The lights are dim but I know I stand out in the crowd, so I go to work. There aren’t too many girls here who are over 6 feet with heels on in this club and so I know someone is watching me. So, I give the mystery person a show. There is something about going a packed club, having a glass of cranberry juice, and sweating out my hair (which was already 2 weeks old) that makes me forget all my problems. For the next 30 minutes, my girls and I rule the dance floor. Our hands are in the air and we are singing or rapping every verse to every song that plays.

I hear someone call my name.

“Si Si”

I look to my left see that it is one of my guy friends. Gucci is standing the corner waving me towards him. I leave the pack to talk to him. We start catching up with each other. It hasn’t been that long since we’ve seen each other, but we keep the conversation going.

I look to my right and there he is the guy with the scarf. He was standing no more than 5 feet from me at this point. We lock eyes again. I quickly turn away and smile as I continue to talk to Gucci. At this point, I am not sure what he is talking about. I want to go over and introduce myself to the guy with the scarf, but I don’t have the balls.

I see a scandally clad woman headed towards him. She has her eyes set on her prize as she walks from the dance floor to him. There goes my shot, I think to myself. I am the first to give another woman props because I am not a hater and this girl was pretty, a little hoochie, but none the less, she was cute. I continue my conversation with Gucci.

After another second passes, I couldn’t help but look over again. I wasn’t going to approach him, but maybe I could get some pointers on how to. As soon as she reaches him she turns around and gyrates on his pelvis to the beat of the music.


This girl has some balls!

I look towards his face and he is just as stunned as I am. A look of both surprise and disgust take over his face. He looks at his homeboys and they are all shaking their heads.
Where the heck are this girls friends?

I look around and they are right next to her, cheering her own.

“Work him girl!” they all yell in unison.

We lock eyes again. I smile and laugh out loud.

Then he mouths something to me.

“Come help me,” he says.

Is he serious? I’m not doing anything. This is the funniest scene I have ever seen.

I shake my head and mouth, “no.”

I turn back to my friend who hasn’t even noticed what I had just witnessed and we continue to talk. I laugh again to myself quietly and think, was this girl serious? I look back his way and the girl is still dancing. I guess she didn’t get the hint and he is too much of a gentleman to push her off, or maybe he is enjoying this spectacle as well because he doesn’t. Instead, he crosses his arms and watches without moving or dancing at all. I turn back to Gucci.

Five minutes later, Gucci sees his ex by the bar and excuses himself.

I stand there for about 2 seconds watching Gucci walk towards her and I turn to find my girls. before I could take a step I see a guy reaching out for my arm. I turn towards him and it’s the guy with the scarf.

“Why didn’t you help me out?” he says.

“I didn’t know you needed help, I thought you were enjoying it,” I reply.

His eyes bulge out of their socket as he replies, “yeah right.”

“I thought it was kinda funny how the girl was oblivious to your disinterest so I guess I found it amusing, plus I didn’t feel it was my place to interrupt since I don’t even know you,” I reply.

He goes on to introduce himself. Originally he is from Inglewood but was raised in the I.E. We continue to talk and we are vibing well enough that he asks for my number. We continue to talk until the lights turn on.

My girls find me with him and quietly sit downn at the couches. Since I was the driver, they couldn't rush me. But I knew it was time to go. I already had the digits so we could always finish this discussion later. We say our goodbyes and my girls and I head for the exit. I make sure to sway my hips as I walk awaay leave Mr. IE with something to remember.

I know I said there would probably be no further posts on Mr. IE, but I thought this first meeting was quite entertaining. Plus, he called yesterday so the door hasn't been completely slammed shut just yet.

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