Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10 Signs You're NOT into Him

If men could pick up on these signs, dating would be so much better for them. It would surely curtail some of those phone calls I talked about previously. Pass this list on to a guy and see what they say. Do they pick up on these signs? Some of them can only be observed in body language or verbal conversation, but whether it's conscious or not, you probably exhibit them.

In the beginning of your courtship with him, he could do no wrong and you were 16 all over again. But after the smoke has cleared and reality has set in, you are left with the real him. Which you may not necessarily like.

If you are not sure that you should continue seeing him, recall this past couple of weeks. If you have exhibited more than 5 of these signs, you’re not that into him and you should explore more options. I mean, you aren’t married, so why waste his time and yours. Move on. Or keep him around until you find someone better.

1. You regularly cancel plans with him. Lately, you spend more time with Jim (Gym) than with him. You were never really a gym rat. Now, when he wants to go out, you’re sweating to the oldies. Summer is coming up remember, so you have to be in tip top shape if you’re going to find a new male friend.

2. You take your take your time returning his calls, voicemails and text messages. No longer do you smile and quickly answer. Now before you answer, you pause and think, “How long is he going to keep me on the phone?” Or, you see a text message for him and don’t remember to return it until hours later. The excuse you tell yourself is, you want to give him your undivided attention.

3. Talking about him to your friends isn’t as much fun as it used to be. Even when you have the opportunity to bring him up during a conversation with friends, you don’t. What’s the point? You don’t want to remind your friends he is around since he won’t be for much longer.

4. You don’t make concrete plans with him anymore. You don’t want to commit in case something better comes up. If he calls when you are at home and bored, then you’ll hang out with him, otherwise you could care less. (If it happens, it happens right.)

5. You question your chemistry. At the end of the date, instead of lingering around for a kiss, you abruptly say goodnight. If you do kiss, it’s very short and you over analyze the kiss afterwards. For some reason, it’s just not as natural as it once was.

6. You feel more obligated to attend your acquaintances events than you would normally. Now I didn’t say friends, since I hope you don’t brush off your friends when you get a man, I said acquaintances. You have to skip going out with him, because your acquaintance is having a birthday party. (Why is that when you hardly talk anyway?)

7. Those things that used to be so cute about him are starting to urk you. That laugh and snort combination just isn’t doing it for you anymore. (Would someone please put a muzzle on that god awful laugh?)

8. You are not as attracted to him as you used to be. The love bubble is starting to wane. He is no longer as fine as wine. (Since when did he have a mole on his nose? Gross, right?) You have now realized that the perfect man you thought of for yourself is not sitting right in front of you, but you notice in the corner of your eye, he may be sitting alone at the bar. Hmmm.

9. You stop thinking about a future with him. Now you spend more time contemplating how life would be if you were single in this Dating Recession. If you find yourself weighing the pros and cons of staying with him, it’s time to let him go. You know this is the end. Now say goodbye.

10. You avoid eye contact or physical proximity when you’re together. If you don’t sit too close to him, he can’t kiss you right. You walk into a room and think, “Perfect, you sit here and I’ll sit waaaaay over there.”

I knew it was over, before it started, with Red when he dropped me off the last time I saw him. I was feeling most, if not all of the above about him. I tried to make it clear to him our last date.

Remember, I very clearly leaned toward the door away from him, told him he didnt have to walk me to my door and hopped out of the car as soon as possible to avoid the terrible ‘good night kiss.' After that, he finally started to figure it out.

Oh well.


Intreguing Lady said...

i dont know why i feel bad for red but i do. he's like the good guy who never wins becuz he's too nice. poor kid. lol. well at least ur not a mean girl who will waste his time or feelings if u know it won't work.

Jadiant3 said...

LMAO @ "Dating Recession" stolen!

Post request: "How to Survive the Dating Recession" lol

IZZIE said...

UMMMM I feel kinda bad for Red. I forgot about that kid until you brought him up. *sniff *sniff

Anyway I like this list. Very well thought. ;)


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