Saturday, January 10, 2009

Public Encounter

Last night I brought out my inner hooch. 4-inch stillettos. Check. Tight bright red dress. Check. Fresh do. Check. Subtle but striking make-up. Check. I didn't look or feel like myself but I was ready to have a ball.I have since decided to retire my dress because of a lot of unwanted attention.

It was my girl Jo jo's bday so I knew who might also be at this party. Mr. IE and Jo jo's cousin were best friends for one, plus, he went to school with Jo jo as well. Jo jo and I had talked about rather I would invite him and I immediately shot the idea down. He had been iffy for the past week and I didn't care if he came and definitely didn't want to offer an invitation.

I made sure not to let any of my other girls know about this of course. They had a habit of interrogating. They make the CIA look like low budget detectives. These girls were professionals at the art of interrogation. Which was something I wasn't ready for nor did I feel he was worthy of the attention. So I kept his possible presence to myself.

At around midnight I had noticed a tall' fair skinned man in a sweater and scarf but I wasn't sure if it was Mr. IE. He was tJo jo was drunk off her knockers so she didn't say anything as well. It was her birthday, my love life was the least of her concerns.

About an hour later, I saw him when my girl Randi was dragging me out the club.It was packed in the bar area so we decided to go outside. Randi was ready to go and picked the path that was the least populated. As soon as I saw his black sweater over his buttoned up collared shirt and scarf I knew for sure it was him.

I didn't waste anytime. I was gonna strike fast and leave him with something to remember, again. Mr. IE was standing on the walkway as my girl Randi and I walked by hand in hand. She was in front and I was close behind.

Mr. IE had previously discussed how we would act if we saw each other in public so I wasn't gonna over do it.

I gave him a quick tight hug while still holding my girl Randi's hand. "You look really good," he said as Randi continued to pull me away. She didn't know who he was and I wasn't gonna tell her either. I walked speedily and sashayed my hips at the same time. I knew he would watch. I looked back and waived and noticed his eyes surveying my body. "Caught ya," I thought as I smiled and disappeared around the corner.

My girls and I continued to party the rest of the night. They were oblivious to the fact that Mr. IE was there. We mingled and danced and had a good time with each other. When the lights came on the people scurried out of the club. The line at the valet was ridiculous and I didn't want to do that walk alone. This was the part of a night out I hated. I swear men get more courage at this point because the same men that didn't have the courage to speak hours earlier, were grabbing girls left and right to exchange info with.

This is 2009, isn't parking lot pimpin dead. Especially since there was no parking lot, just a street corner and a line full of people waiting for their car.

I didn't want to be a part of this street after party. I just wanted to go home. I grabbed my guy friends hand because I didn't want to talk to any of those stragglers. I tend to use my guy friends as decoys. This is something I do when I feel I am getting attention from men.

As we are walking together, fingers intertwined, I see Mr. IE. He gives me a nod and continues walking. I acknowledge him as well and continue walking with my friend too.

As soon as MR. IE gets into his car he drives off. I wish I knew what he was thinking.

What would you be thinking if you were in the same situation?

How do you behave when you see someone in public that you're dating or previously dated?


Intreguing Lady said...

oooooooo you are sneaky. u shoulda told me he was there. i wouldn't have told...i dont interogate. he's wack regardless.

IZZIE said...

You are a fool. lol You always pick em... eh?


Jadiant3 said...

Why am I constantly confused. Mr. IE seeing you holding someone else's hand is supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing? Sounds bad...

Silent Scorpion said... was neither good nor bad that he saw me. He isnt consistent and Im not sure what his intentions are.

I was just wondering what he was thinking, if he cared, I cant gage him just yet.

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