Friday, November 20, 2009

Guest Blogger: YoungBuck

I have a few guy friends and I personally thing they give the best advice on their complicated and weird species. Here is snippet from a conversation I had with my friend YoungBuck the other day:

Guys never stop thinking about other women. That’s just a fact of life. We all can choose whether we will cheat though. That’s about self control. I have come to that realization
It took me till 28-29 to figure that out. Before I realized that I would just cheat and not think about it. I thought that because I thought about other girls that I wanted to do them. So I would. Yes so being faithful is a choice. It doesn't just naturally happen. I always thought it was suppose to naturally happen like I was all of a sudden gonna stop thinking about other girls.

Is this true for all men? Ladies, how do you feel? Do you feel this way too?

I’ll do a separate post with my response next week.


Anonymous said...

Thats very true for men and women alike everything about life is about the choices people make.

Mr. Fantastic said...

This is true on many levels. Humans, by nature, have unlimited wants. It is a founding principle of life and economics. People will continue to want and are only limited by their resources to achieve more.

If I can have another girl, why have one? If I can get three, who needs two? So on and so forth.

This introduces another principle of business and economics that translates to relationships, Risk v. Reward. The guiding reason behind why most higher level thinkers can control themselves better is "Is what I gain from being with this person outside of my relationship better than what I could lose if I get caught?" If the answer is yes, the odds are the person you are with is not the one you SHOULD be with, and if the answer is no, then you probably shouldn't cheat. But then again, that is in the world of theory, not practice.

And with that, I say good day.

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