Friday, November 13, 2009


Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, mocha, pecan, black licorice. It doesn't matter what flavor or shade of chocolate you are, I enjoy the entire rainbow. Speaking as a woman who has dated all shades of men, including men of other races, I have concluded that men are men. I for one don't care what shade you are as long as you're not ugly. Yeah, I said ugly. I have no quorums in admitting I don't date ugly. Ugly has no color. Assholes have no color. Vain men have no color. Cockiness has no color. Masculinity has no color.

I don't believe in the stereotypes that one shade is more shady, more masculine, more [insert skin tone stereotype] than the other. I think each man has his own issues and skin complexion doesn't make you more or less appealing for me. I have other measurements for that. If for some reason I did hold those stereotypes about men, near and dear, I couldn't be upset if a man said he only dated or didn't date women with my skin complexion because I help validate their blackness (truestory), lighter toned women are not as mean as dark skin women (truestory) or that dark skin women are not as beautiful (truestory times 10.) I don't blame anyone for seeking out the aesthetic qualities that get them going. I have mine too, complexion just happens not to be one of them.

I think our complexion is the beauty of being black, there is just no one thing. We come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and shades, and each one is amazing and unique! Well, we may have to do a different post on shapes and sizes, because I definitely have preferences on those...but no matter what the shade, I'll take a GOOD man any day.

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