Monday, November 23, 2009

Guest Blogger: How to Keep Your Man from Cheating

The Artist Formerly Known as Crabby Cancer was so moved by Younbuck's post that she sent in some tips on how to keep your man in check.

It's true. A woman would be naive to think that once they are in a relationship, their man would stop thinking about other woman. I know it's possible that my man may think about other women; the key is to let your man know that you will CUT him if he goes beyond thinking. Remind him of that every once in a while in subtle ways:

*Play Kelis' "Caught Out There"

"So sick of your games,
I'll set your truck to flames,
And watch it blow up, blow up, (ha ha)
Tell me: How you go'n see her now"

*Watch "A Thin Line Between Love And Hate"

Just think Brandi (Lynn Whitfield) and flash forward to Darnell (Martin Lawrence) in the hospital. You get my drift.

*Watch an episode of Cheaters and remark how the girl "underreacted"

*Cut a banana in front of him

Do this every two months, and you should be fine.


Intreguing Lady said...

i know i haven't commented in a while. but i love you both. just had to say that. lolol this sounds like the true words of TAFKA crabby cancer.

shuggamama said...

ROTFLMBAO!!! Being a "crabby cancer" myself, I couldn't have said it better. LOL

Youngbuck said...

Lol... that was funny. I don't think it would work but definatley some good comic relief.

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