Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Septemeber Recap

So somehow I took a step back but still stood my ground with who I allowed in my life. I spent some time with Mr. AOS this Labor Day weekend. He hasn't changed a bit. He is still charming and comical but our meeting ended with the same argument. (It wasn't really an argument, it was more of a 'I'm no doing what you want me to do' conversation.) Mr AOS wanted me to visit him in the valley after I picked him up from the airport and spent the entire day with him. He's lucky I didn't have other plans, otherwise I would not have seen him this weekend. When I told him I would no longer be driving out to see him in the valley until he visited me in L.A., he was displeased to say the least. He isn't use to me saying no to his requests.

Mr. AOS insisted that I compromise on the sitution. Unfortunately he has no true understanding of what compromise is. Mr. AOS wants to go back to the way things were before, where if I wasn't doing anything I would drive out to see him. It didn't matter what time it was, I would hop in my car and truck to the Valley. That was at least an hour drive from my old place.

I'm not that same person anymore. I'm willing to compromise by my definition and on my terms. I'm so glad I snapped outta that mess! If he wants to see me, he can come out here. Otherwise, he can have a good life. Without me.

Honestly I'm not concerned with him or anyone else. I'd rather focus on setting my goals and accomplishing them. If I go the rest of the year without a date, so be it. It's not like I don't get offered to be taken out often, I'd just rather spend my time focusing on what I want to do with MY life and MY career. Dating has been nothing but a distraction thus far. So its been put on the back burner. I'll continue to surround myself with friends and family who are supporting my decisions and helping me achieve my goals.

Plus I always have Jack, so I'll be okay.

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