Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Rant

Why do men think I want to hear them tell something I already know at our first meeting. Yes, I'm taller than most, but do you think you're original in pointing that out. If I said what I was thinking or if I did the same thing and referenced your height, you might be offended. Eventhough I'd just be stating facts.

"Damn, you're tall." (Damn, you're short.)

"You're much taller when you stand up." (You're much shorter when I stand up.)

"I'm not afraid of heights." (Neither am I shorty.)

"I'd like to climb that tree!" (I'd like to stomp this shrub.)

It doesn't matter if its coming from a tall or short man, constantly referencing my height in order to break the ice is not original nor is it smiled upon.

Surely you have something more interesting to say.

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