Friday, September 11, 2009

Fridat Rant

This entire conversation was had via Blackberry Messenger (bbm)

Guy: What's up stranger?

Me: Hey

Guy: How are you?

Me: I'm good

Guy: Are you engaged? Who's the lucky guy?

Me: huh....(pause)..oh

(My bbm screenname is currently "Future Mrs. Mehcad Brooks")

Me: I'm not engaged


Me: I gotta go, ttyl

Why did he come out of hiding (we haven't talked in months) when he thought I was getting married? If I had said yes I'm engaged, what would he have done with that information? As a woman, I would not, and did not, contact the guy I use to date when I found out he was engaged. When I saw him in person I made sure to say congratualtions because I was happy for him, (and since I was the last girl he dated before he met his wife.) But I wouldn't contact someone I casually dated for a few months.

Am I missing something here? I hope that doesn't mean he plans on keeping me in his little black book. You know the book you dust off when all the new people you meet aren't working out and you decide to call up an old flame to try again.

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