Thursday, July 30, 2009


I know you tried to talk to my girl before you saw me and for that reason, we can never be. Even though you never even went out on an date (seeing as you just met 15 minutes ago,) you have forever been tainted. You exchanged information and now I have to place you in the ‘undatable’ pool.

Unlike most men, women (with any kind of tact) won’t date a dude who tried to holla at their friend. I don’t want to hear my girl continuosly remind me that she coulda had you. She won’t mean to be malicious, but she will occasionally drop a comment about how she met you first and how you were all up in her grill (even if you weren’t feelin her that much.)

So, regardless of the fact that I think you are a triple threat: fine as wine, intelligent and funny, we can never be.

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