Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Hate The Way You Eat Cereal

A group of my like-minded friends have gotten together to create a blog. I loved the idea of a group blog because:

1. These women are just as sarcastic as I am so the posts are entertaining.
2. It reminds me that I am not alone in my dating experiences.
3. It doesn't blame women for being single, instead it reminds women why they stay single.

This blog is going to take a comedic look at some of the more obscure (yet hilarious) dating disasters, mishaps, and miscommunications that cancel out any hopes of a second date.

So forget about the obvious reasons one would cease to pursue a second or third date like taking a shit at a restaurant during a dinner date (true story), wearing the same outfit you met your date in (also a true story), or finding out that they prefer 106th and Park to CNN (maybe that one is just me).

We’re focusing on the off the wall reasons for discontinuing a relationship at any stage.

It's called, "I Hate The Way You Eat Cereal." Click here to check it out.

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