Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Social Experiment (Part 1): The male species and his limits

This weekend I conducted an experiment on the male and his limits. Please note, that my actions were necessary for my research and for my entertainment at this hot ass club. If you plan on judging me harshly, please skip both parts of this post.

Saturday night, I found myself at yet another club. There were no seats in the small venue and ventilation was also non existent. I knew that I’d be seeing one of the guys I haven’t given a name here yet, so I put a little more effort in getting dressed. I dressed myself in a low cut black razor back tank, a tight fitting knee length gray skirt, a purple belt that cinched the smallest part of my stomach and matching 3 ½ inch snake skin purple sandals. I almost didn’t want to go because my hair was fresh from the shop, but along with seeing the guy, I also needed to cheer up my little sister who was in a rut over some guy. (Who by the way isn’t even deserving of her time.)

I was standing near a VIP area when I was approached by a gentleman in the area. He didn't have to travel too far considering I was standing 2 feet away from him. He tapped me on my shoulder to get my attention. As soon as I turned around I knew right off top that he was not my type. He was wearing a white Kangol hat and all white outfit which was totally unattractive seeing as I don't condone outfits from the 90s. He was fair skinned, had a nice body and dark goatee. He was entirely too short to take seriously at 5 foot 11 but I thought he’d be able to entertain me for the night. Plus compliments never get old and now I had found a source of them early.

He was no where near original in his approach.

NC: Excuse me miss, how tall are you?

Me: I’m 6 foot without heels on.

So began our conversation. NC understood the humor in my sarcasm and seemed to appreciate the outfit I was wearing. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of me and even when we weren’t talking to each other, he made sure to make eye contact.
In the middle of our conversation about going out in LA he blurted out, “If I were back in my hay day, we’d be leaving here together.” (He had to be at least 29 or 30)

Confusion overcame my face. “Excuse me hun, it doesn’t matter when we met, I wouldn’t be going anywhere with you. He quickly replied, “I meant to go get something to eat, so we could sit quietly and get to know each other.”

Me: Yeah..uh huh (I’m not boo boo the fool. I know what you meant.)

(I have included excerpts of our conversation to add validity to hypothesis and will be further discussed at the end.)
Me: I just moved into a new apartment that I’m slowly decorating.

NC: Do you need a flat screen? I can have my friend give you a good deal. Take down my number and we can discuss it later.

Me: (I pull out my cell phone.) Okay. What’s your number?
(He was nice and cute plus I always take advantage of any good opportunity.)

NC: Call me right now so I can store your number.
NC: My girlfriend didn’t want me coming out tonight

Me: ….. (girlfriend????? Really. You sure not acting like you have one right now.) (Slowly made my exit to another side of the room for 20 minutes.)
...I knew this wasn't going anywhere but I wasn't done with NC just yet.


Intreguing Lady said...

uh oh. he's about to get destroyed.

ShAy~SHaY said...

what made him bring up his girlfriend??? Did he just realize he had no shot with you or something???????? lol

Silent Scorpion said...

I'm not even sure why he brought her up...but I was caught off guard a bit. Maybe he did notice that nothing was going to happen between us.

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