Thursday, June 4, 2009


I can’t pin point exactly when it happened.
How did I let it go this far?
I am always in control.
Of my actions, my feeling, my life in general.
Today I don’t feel that way.
I lost the power over myself somewhere.
I’m free falling.

I am unsure of where I will land.
I’m not in control.
Should I continue to fall?
Or do what I normally do and stop myself before things get too far.
Look where that has gotten me in the past.
Should I learn from my mistakes or I am right in wanting to stop this?
I’m falling.

Amerie - Falling
Album - Touch

Verse 1]
Hey understand I’m not used to letting go
Once in my past, I told myself I’d never lose control
But you’re not to blame, so please don’t ever change
And forgive me if I, I hesitate

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