Monday, June 15, 2009

June Recap

Dating still falls low on my list of current priorities. I haven’t made much effort to meet new men. Yes, I still go out during the weekend, but if I give my number out, I hardly return any calls. I’m just not interested in going through the song and dance of meeting new men. I haven’t even spent too much time with the men I already had around.

I don’t want to completely rely on fait and such because if I am not putting in any effort, there is not much that fait can do. I now have this big bed in my room with no one to share it with; which is fine because I am enjoying having all the space to myself at this moment. Life is so going well without the complications of a man. I have managed to keep a couple around.

1. Chicago – After his visit last month, one thing is for certain, I really like him. I enjoy being around him. He is funny, cute, smart and artistic. Chicago is all the things I like in a man. Of course, there is something wrong with him. He is too guarded. I am patiently waiting for him to let his guard down but like I told him, if I don’t see a change, I won’t be sticking around. I know this scenario all too well, seeing as I am usually the one staying guarded. If he doesn’t change, then unfortunately, even though I really like him I’ll move on.

2. LB – LB is the guy I never named. We have hung out a few times and there really isn’t much there. He is handsome and has a cool personality. But something about being around him really bores me. Maybe it’s his lack of ambition and our failure at connecting on a humorous level that has left me uninterested. He has been pretty consistent when it comes to contact, which may be the only thing keeping him around. If that changes, ehhh, I’ll move on.

3. There are no more…

I don’t have any interest in adding any either.

Stay tuned…these droughts don’t usually last too long. Even when I don’t try…


Darrell said...

Many of us seek relationships undefined by tradition. So enjoy yourself until you discover that which you seek.

Silent Scorpion said...

I'm enjoying myself without losing or compromising myself or values in the process.

Darrell said...

That is how you should enjoy yourself as well as live your life.

Silent Scorpion said...

Of course...always.


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