Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Rant

I get some of the craziest pick up lines/comments/remarks directed towards me so I felt the need to add a bi-monthly post of my encounters. These are all from my night out on Saturday.

1. Aye girl, you really IS tall?!? Dang. Can I holla? (Ummm no, I’m gonna act like I didn’t even hear a word you just said and continue to shop. I honestly thought he was kidding but he was so serious.)

2. I was waiting my turn to come talk to you. I had to build up the courage to say something. (It was kind of sweet but something about it screamed…I have no confidence!)

3. Has anyone ever told you that the arch in your lower back is sexy?!?!?! Me: Ummmmm…(long awkward confused pause.) No, you’re the first. (Now that I think about it, he unfortunately was not the first.)

4. Yummm brown sugar, Can I get your number? (How bout…hell no!)

Happy Friday
-Si Si


Darrell said...

I have a hard time believing that those of my species actually use those lame lines. I have an even harder time believing that they may actually work; why else would they use them?

Silent Scorpion said...

I'm sure they work with some...not me.