Monday, December 22, 2008

Tis The Season: I Need A Cuddle Buddy

And then there was some…

Last week when I ended things with Red I said there was none. Well, that is not completely the truth. I always have guys in my life some way or another. I meet people all the time. I date a lot (so I’ve been told), and move on if I don’t find what I’m looking for. I don’t see the point in wasting other people’s time and I surely don’t like it when mine is wasted.

There are currently two guys that I am dating, seeing, getting to know, whatever you want to call it. I am a single woman, and live my life as such. Currently there is nothing serious or even interesting enough to write about either Chicago or Mr. IE so I won’t, yet. Main reason is because Chicago lives in Chicago and there is no definite date set for me to see him. I do like talking to him and we do talk pretty frequently on the phone but I haven’t seen him since we met. There is a lot that I have learned about him from our conversations that I like, but I believe it doesn't matter much without any in person contact.

Mr. IE on the other hand does live here, but his schedule is so busy most of the time that we have only gone out once. (Actually it turns out its my schedule that is packed not his) It was a nice date but again but I don’t want to jump the gun with him. I just thought you should know they are around. In case there is anything to talk about in the future.

And then there were more…

Dallas (who is not the same as Texas) and Mr. M. House (who I have not introduced for various reasons) are back in town for the holidays and want to see me. I haven’t decided what to do about either. It goes back to now wasting time. I feel that each of them have served their purpose and I don’t see a relationship, friendship or any type of “ship” coming out of our continued contact.

The only issue I foresee from their recent contact is that if I get bored, or if I can’t get into contact with Mr. IE or Chicago, there is a slim chance that I honestly may find myself returning the phone calls of Dallas and/or Mr. M. House. I see this happening more so with Dallas because we don't have any real history.

Remember, this week is the first official week of winter, which for many adults is also know as cuddle season.

And I want a cuddle buddy.

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