Monday, December 1, 2008

I Don't Do Santa Claus: A Guy's Perspective

I had lunch with Houston today who is one of my male coworkers. For some reason I am completely comfortable with discussing the details of my dating life with him. We don’t talk outside of work but once a week we play catch up with our dating experiences.

Houston wanted to know how things were going with Red and when he was going to be able to meet him. I informed him not to hold his breath because there was no way that he would be meeting Red before the year was over. Houston is now starting to understand that I take it very slow with the men I date and wanted to know where it was going.

Houston: How are things going with Red?

Me: They’re fine except that I’ve cancelled on him twice in the last 6 days. One day I was too tired to get up and the other I forgot I had plans.

Houston: So do you like him

Me: Yes, but I don’t know if I can get past his weight.

Houston: What?!?!

Me: I usually date skinny men and that’s how I like my men.

Houston: Have you told him?

Me: Yes, told him my “I Don’t Do Santa Clause” Story. (Check old posts for the entire story). I can’t help the way it came out, I didn’t even know he was interested but I was completely honest.

Houston: Is he trying to loose weight?

Me: YES! He works out religiously; more than me. But I noticed that Red eats too much at each sitting. We went out twice and both times he ate his entire meal. And for a man that is trying to lose weight but has hit a wall, I told him how to change his diet.

Houston: Oh!

Me: So when the time was right I told him he should eat smaller portions and he will see results.

Houston: So you’re one of those…

Me: One of what?!?!

Houston: One of those girls who “kindly” tells a guy what she doesn’t like about him and tries to get him to change.

Me: NO!!! He brought it up first; I was just trying to help him out. But, yes I would be more attracted to him if he was skinnier.

Houston: Mhmmm Hmmm.

Me: Do you think I was wrong?

Houston: No. You were honest about what you want. As long as you were honest, he can’t be upset if he is not your type.

Me: Thank you.

Houston: So when do I get to meet him again.

Me: Come on, that won’t happen until I have a ring on my finger!

Houston: LOL!!! I know you're serious.

Although the way I told Red wasn’t the nicest way possible, it was the most honest. So I feel a little better about the way it came out. I haven’t seen him in a while so I won’t know how I really feel until I see him again in person. We still talk all the time but this weight thing is starting to bug me. And it is starting to affect the frequency of our conversations. I am less inclined to answer the phone when he contacts me; which is pretty regularly. I have to see him one more time to be sure if there is anything between us.

I’m sure I’ll see him this week...

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