Friday, September 26, 2008

Drinks Anyone???

After one bad experience in high school (where I drank til I vomitted and had to be thrown in a cold shower) and reflecting on what I want for myself, I decided at age 18 not to be a drinker. There may have been 4 times in the past 6 years where I have either taken a sip or have almost passed out from alcohol, but drinking has never been MY thing. This means that whenever I go out with a group of friends, I am usually the designated driver, which I don't mind, sometimes.

Sunday, I met this cute guy from Dallas and we set a date for the following night. I told him to meet me at Lucky Strike Bowling Alley for drinks. I hate movies on a first date and I don't think you can really get to know someone that way, so this seemed like a good idea.

Dallas walks in at 9:20, late by the way, to find me intensely watching the ESPN Recap of Monday Night Football. I must admit that I am quite a football fan, basically I am any kind of vicious contact sport fan. But please don't label me as a violent person, although I can be if the situation called for it.

I scold him for a while for being late and then we begin our journey of getting to know each other. The conversation is going pretty well early on, we are both laughing and the chemistry is definitely there. Dallas asks me if I want a drink and I say I am fine with the glass of water I have been baby sitting for the past half hour. (I by the way was 10 minutes early, and nervous as heck.)

He looks at me in astonishment and asks, "You don't drink?" I reply no and he decides to break something down for me. (Dallas was very kind and not condescending at all in his tone.) "Next time you invite a guy out, for future references, let him know you don't drink," I understood where he was coming from, kind of. But why does it matter? I am happy with my water (or cranberry juice if I'm in a good mood) and what better way to get to know someone on a first date then at a bar.

At some point I change the subject, but not before mentioning that he is not the first guy to suggest that idea. And I'm sure Dallas won't be the last. Our date continues, and the subject somehow comes up again over our late dinner. He wants to know why I decided not to drink. I told Dallas a quick synopsis about my traumatic high school experience, but insisted that it was not the only reason I chose not to. We continued talking and flirting for the remainder of our time together we go our separate ways. On the way home, I started reflecting about the night and our conversation and it really got me thinking.

How important is it to a man, or woman, that their partner drinks? Do you feel a person is less fun to be with if they choose not to partake in the college ritual of drunken debauchery or in the occasional glass of wine?

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Stephanie said...

LOL you are a fool... and you forgot to mention your 23rd bday experience as well... lol


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