Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not Your Average Chick: It's Complicated

10 Tips to Dating Me. (Not sure if they apply to anyone else but if men knew this about me, they would fare so much better.)

1. Don’t call me more than once a day. I don’t need 2 missed calls a day to know you care. I’m busy with my life, you should be too.

2. Don’t ask me where I’m going. I don’t need you to know where I’m going or where I’ve been. When I want you to know something I’ll tell you.

3. Don’t tell me good morning every morning. Ugghh I know this one is weird but it falls under too much contact. I have to breathe.

4. Don’t take all my shit. If you let me I will run over you, I will and you won’t know what hit you. I can smell a weak man from a mile away. Just because I keep you around doesn’t mean I haven’t noticed.

5. Don’t text, bbm (blackberry message), call or instant message me more than once within a 10 minute span. I saw your messages but I am busy or I just want to be alone. Sending a message that says what’s up at 10:01 and what are you doing at 10:03 is so not cool.

6. Don’t call me everyday without first receiving a returned call. It’s nice to wonder what you are doing sometimes. Really it is. And if I haven't called you back yet, wait until I do.

7. Don’t ask me, ‘Do you miss me?” If I talk to you everyday I probably don’t. If you ask I will think that you are clingy and just need attention. If you miss me just say it, but beware that I might run head first the other way if you say it too early.

8. Don’t let me feel like the man. If I can say the phrase, “be a man,” to you repeatedly and you have no problem, we have a problem.

9. Don’t always be available. If I know your schedule and it only includes your 9-5, the gym and sleep, Houston we have a problem. This is not the same as being reliable, so please do not confuse the two. I like to know a man has things to do and people to see. But if we make plans and you flake with short notice I will make note.

10. Don't move too fast. Give me space when we are out together. I don't know you so we shouldn't hold hands. It is rare that I kiss on the first date so don't linger, you might be dissappointed.


I don’t know why nice guys finish last with me but they do. You can be both strong and nice but too much niceness is a weakness. I am a strong woman and I want a strong man. But if I see a weak one I will keep him around until something better comes along. Unlike most women I know, I enjoy space. I enjoy my ‘me time,’ When I can come home and just chill. I’m complicated. I know.


IZZIE said...

Interesting blog.

However, after you summarize your rules you state "* These rules only apply to the first month of dating, don’t get it twisted. * " isn't this a contradiction?

I'm saying I agree with the entire DO NOT CALL ME MORE THAN ONCE IN A TEN MINUTE SPAN but not to say gmorning everyday? or the simplicity of showing someone you care throughout the day, I think it may complicate things.

As long as you stay true to yourself and let the opposite sex know how you are from jump then its fine. Simply because you are not leading them on. However, keep in mind that you may come off a little too "rule-y" if you decide to take such action.

That's all.


Hourglass half full said...

Izzie, you're right but I wasn't referring to the entire list with that comment. I have removed it because I want it to be a short post.

This list does not represent all of me and my complicated way of thinking.

IZZIE said...

Ok just making sure you knew what you were putting out.

I don't think anything is wrong with that. I am a believer of giving people space. I actually think everyone needs space from sig. other, family, friends etc.

Anyway just remember you come first. Everyone else is optional (if you chose it that way).


Adwoa said...

I agree with # 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10

5: I text a lot, so I often don't mind the back to back texts...calling back to back is kinda creepy.

3 & 6: I like a guy that makes the effort to call everyday, even if its to say good morning =)

interesting post..I like =)

Ronnette said...

In dating, I have several rules too, so I understand where you are coming from.

I agree with #4,7,8,10
Some valid arguments are #3,5,9

My personal preference is that I enjoyed being chased, so if you are not on it, then my assumption is that I get to dismiss you at my leisure and at the drop of the dime. Also, I think number 9 should be split into two seperate ones because being flaky is a HUGE red flag!