Monday, June 28, 2010

Things Can't Get Any Worse

I woke up this morning in a very good mood. I thought about the last several months of my dating life and it dawned on me, things can't get any worse. After I was told that a date had to be canceled this weekend because the gentlemen didn't have any money for gas, I couldn't do anything but laugh. The suitor attempted to borrow his friends car but I told him that would not be necessary. He recently lost his job and I figured he should focus on getting himself together and not about "courting" me. He actually wasn't too happy with my response but well, because I care I told him not to jump through so many hurdles just to see me. There are more important things in life than dating, so he should focus on that. Honestly I am not sure I will ever see him again, the flame that I thought I was developing for him has been put out.

Even if my dating life does get worse, I'll still be sporting my million dollar smile. Why? Because at some point, they'll get better.


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