Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just Sit and Look Pretty

Originally this was going to be a Dating Report Card since I went out with Youngin again last week. But date 2 brought up some of the same issues as Date 1 and I decided to address those instead. Earlier this year I told a friend that the men I seriously date only have two things in common: they were all single and had working male parts. Well it seems that I lied. I’ve realized that they were also smart, well spoken and intellectual men with a good head on their shoulders. Actually they were all also good at giving…wait no no no no that’s not the point of this post, let me focus. Oh yeah they all challenged me intellectually.

At one point in every conversation with them, I would find myself thinking about something insightful they had mentioned during our rendezvous. My definition of smart does not mean that they wanted to talk about how the housing market is affecting the economy (home sales have plunged 33 percent since May if you wanted to know.) It may have been their views on why Beyonce is empowering women by wearing leotards and telling her man to put a ring on it. I really had an intelligent debate about this very topic (that's not really his views those were mine.) The way he could vocalize his opinion, like a few had before him, and actually make me question my own was so damn sexy. No matter which ex “ship” I discuss, I can name a conversation, usually early on, that made me say hmm this is one smart cookie and I want a bite.

Unfortunately the same cannot be same for Youngin. At several points during our boat ride, (I made it for the ride this time!) I found myself looking completely intrigued by the words that were coming out of his cute mouth. Not because they were thought provoking but because Youngin thought his flawed logic actually made for a good defense. In between him giving me a rose and whispering sweet nothings in my ear, I discovered that he probably has a few hidden blond streaks in his beautiful mane. I bet if I shook him hard enough I would hear his brain rolling around. Okay that’s harsh (and very extreme) but you get my drift. He is a cutie none the less so I want to keep him around. Don’t judge me.

What do YOU think I should do? Should I call it quits since I think this won’t lead anywhere, or continue seeing him because he’s fun to be around? I mean I know me, I'm most attracted to a man's mind and I'm already questioning where his head is at. (too easy) Have you ever continued dating someone even when you thought there was no future?
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