Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sometimes the apple falls to the left of the same tree

As I have mentioned a few times in some of my posts, my sister and I have different ideas about life. From food to style, we sometimes butt heads on what’s right and wrong for her. She’s younger, so yes I’m just referring to the things I want her to do versus the things she chooses to do. One of our biggest differences is dating. I am pretty stuck in my ways and sometimes I find that she is too. I was recently telling her about how I don’t like this guy she is seeing (I think I’ve liked one in the last 23 years of her life). She dated him in the past and now he wants to come back.

I stressed to her the importance of not letting him half step. That if he wanted to spend time with her, he would need to put effort in getting to know the lovely young lady she has become. My recommendation was that he court her all over again, for the first time. When they originally dated she was in High School and highly doubt he put any effort in at that time. I told her he needs to take her out and spend time in social settings. Her response made my heart stop.

“How do I do that without sounding like a gold-digger?”

What?!?! Gold Digger.?? My first reaction: The boy has no gold to dig for. I took a second to cry in the bathroom and pull myself together; well not really I’m just being dramatic. I told her that asking a guy to spend time doing things you like to do does not make you a gold digger; even if it requires spending some money. Activities she could eventually chip in on if she liked him.

Where did I go wrong? I thought my sister was moving forward with her ideas on dating. Apparently she turned left somewhere where I told her to go right. I know her G.P.S. will lead her back to the correct path if it’s the last thing I do. I automate it anyway. Having her deal with men that are worthy of her time is higher on my list of priorities than my dating issues.

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