Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just call me PUMA

All of the above come to mind when I think of Youngin. He's such a cutie. (I seem to use this phrase a lot when referring to him so get used to it) But he is 2.5 years my junior. Something I am not really accustomed to. So I have affectionately nicknamed him Youngin.

He was slow to approach last week when I met him at his Fraternity's Anniversary function. We caught a few glances and mouthed hello to each other before we finally sat down to speak. After a few games of Dominoes with a couple of his "brothers" we exchanged information. Honestly after our first phone conversation, I wasn't planning on going out with Youngin. After speaking on the phone for about an hour I was left with bald patches and stress wrinkles. I couldn't believe half of the things that were coming out his mouth. Check my twitter timeline for further details. Somehow we made it past the mind numbing conversation to a public venue. I didn't ask any questions about what he had planned, which in retrospect I should have because I unknowingly ruined the first part of our date.

Date Report Card:

Punctuality: B-

Since our first activity was in Long Beach, I told him that I would drive from my home to meet him at his. But I was preoccupied with my days activities and didn't make it to Long Beach til almost 7. When I got there, he was not home. I called to let him know I was exiting the freeway and he said he was on his way back from making a quick run to the store. Obviously he didn't understand when I said I'd be there in an hour, I meant it. As soon as he made it back, he changed and we were on our way. At my first opportunity I called him out on his tardiness and it was a topic of conversation at several points through out the night.

Dress: B

He literally ran upstairs and threw some clothes on and came back down. I thought his collared shirt and plaid flat cap were super cute (again with the cuteness I just wanted to pinch his cheeks.) but due to the time constraint or maybe his disinterest in walking around without wrinkles, his wrinkled sweater was made his outfit appear a bit unkept.

Creativity: A+

We were supposed to go on a boat ride!! He broke my heart when he told me that was the original plan. Since we never actually agreed on a meet up time, I assumed we were going to meet up around 8pm. He even called me at 4pm and asked me how much longer I'd be running errands but never once told me I needed to be there by a certain time. Oh well. Instead we walked around downtown Long Beach to find things to get into. We had dinner at a local restaurant. He attempted to take me on a carousel ride while we waited for our table. Unfortunately for him I am petrified being any higher than 6 feet off the ground. We spent some time in Borders, I was looking for Accidental Diva which of course they didn't have. And took a walk on the pier.

Chivalry: A++

Youngin made sure to open every door, walk on the correct side of the street at all times and even lend a helping hand every time I needed to get up from a seat. But thats not what got him the two pluses. His friendly laid back demeanor did. No matter where we were, he spoke to everyone. Waiters, other patrons, random encounters with the Famous Dave Pig. If you were breathing, he was speaking.

Chemistry: A-

Unlike our phone conversation, there were hardly any uncomfortable pauses. There were however heated debates. I appreciated that he knew how to listen to what I had to say on a subject but still stand behind his own. He held his own against me. I can admit I was being a little bit of a bitch. (Kerry's words not mine) But he didn't let me walk all over him.

Overall: B

Youngin is such a cutie. I definitely plan on seeing him again but if he's late again... I don't want to give any more away then I already have so thats all you're getting out of me. :-)

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