Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Doing Some Laundry

Although I haven’t had the pleasure of viewing her thought provoking reality show, I have been hearing a lot of backlash regarding Chili and her list. I did some research because I hate speaking on subjects I know nothing about, it’s the detective in me, and I did find her requirements for a potential male suitor:

He can't eat pork, or have more than two baby mamas. He must be fine, with at least a four-pack. Last, but definitely not least, he must have a really huge package.

Now before all the men start chiming in about how women have such long lists, please don’t act innocent. I have someone with your plumbing who did the exact same thing in a very public outlet. In a recent interview, Dhani Jones from the travel show, Dhani Jones Tackles the Globe, discussed what he was looking for in his potential life partner. I’m assuming most of you have never heard of him, neither did I until I read his book, I mean ridiculous checklist. He makes Chili’s list laughable. I had to shorten it but here are the highlights:

Smart, quick-witted, yet possesses a calming motherly quality, adventurous, sporty, speaks languages, tall, slender (but she can be a little bit thicker,) exotic, maybe light brown/olive complected/mixed background. well-traveled, huge heart, creative soul, strong, independent. stands firm behind her man (but not in front, perhaps beside), long hair, no weave, incredible hands, insatiable eyes, wants a huge family, can talk to a homeless person or a wealthy person, she can play in the mud in the morning and go to a black tie event at night, she’s ok on her own but she loves her man, independently wealthy helps.

After much thought I decided to share my own list since it seems to be the thing to do, you know if Chili can find someone this way, maybe I should try and speak my desires into truth. Here’s my list:

He must be single and have have a working* Jimmy.

I know I know I’m asking for a lot right. A lot of my male friends assume that I must have a long list that matches Dhani, because well, I’m a single black woman and you know we all walk, talk, and think exactly the same way. You know our type, we’re all angry, bitter, nagging, destined to be future spinster’s bitches. I’m working on that fellas. (read sarcasm)

At one point in my naïve early 20s I had a stupid list. But over time and me constantly dating resumes instead of people that I realized how dumb my list was. I shortened it to what I have above; those are 2 things I will not budge on. Everything else I say on this blog and twitter are just preferences but I'm pretty flexible. Actually, if you lined up the last few guys I seriously dated the only thing they would have in common for sure, is what I have listed above. I think it’s important to know what you want but not to have so many rules that you end up missing out on great people. Now, I'll go back to focusing my time and energy on bettering myself and eventually I'll meet him. Whoever he is.

*Working: Functioning and satisfying

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Talented_Ink said...

Good blog and one thing that I've come to realize is that the more specific you are about who you want to be with, the more unspecified the time you'll have to wait in finding that person. I definitely don't believe in anyone settling, but sometimes our desire for perfection is ridiculous considering we're nowhere near that ourselves.

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