Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Thrill is in the Chase

Recently I was lucky enough to attend the Goapele concert at LA Live. I must say that this woman is a beautiful performer who let her kind spirit shine through her performance. Even with the constant adoration of the nights MC, Goapele seemed unfazed about the well deserved compliments she received before she hit the stage. During her set I stood as far to the front of the pack as I could. Although I felt like I was standing in a sauna in the dully lit and unventilated pit, I didn’t miss a word when singing her songs.

Earlier in the night I noticed a fair skinned, slim, gentleman in a striped sweater who must have been at least 6 ‘4” standing near the bar having a drink with his friends. When I walked pass his group, all heads turned my way. The attention was well appreciated but I wasn’t checking for any of them. I smiled as I walked by and mouthed the words ‘Hi,” in their direction. I made no distinction in regards to who my gesture was intended for. At that point it wasn’t intended for anyone. I mean Mr. Stripes was cute but he didn’t seem like my type.

After Goapele’s set was over, I positioned myself back at the bar near the balcony with my girl Carerra for the remainder of the evening. While we chatted about the lack for potential flirting and our plans for following day, I noticed that mister stripes was looking my way. I smiled his way and continued my conversation with Carerra. I figured if he wanted to say something, he would come over. A few moments later I noticed a girl standing next to him. I’m not sure when she arrived, but she didn’t leave his side for the remainder of the night. I couldn’t tell if he already knew her or if they had just met. As the night continued, we continued to lock eyes across the bar.

At one point he left his companions side and came my way. He walked from one side of the bar towards me, I looked away and before I knew it he was outside. The weird thing is he came right back inside through the opposite doors.

Was he waiting for me to look at him again?

I wasn’t sure what was going on so I didn’t move. Plus I have a habit of freezing up and turning away when I notice a cute guy coming my way.

Mr. Stripes made his way back inside and to his pack. I didn’t know what was going on. There was no apparent reason for him to have gone outside, since he didn’t even stop to speak to anyone. I concluded that he was waiting on me to say something, which I didn’t.

For the next hour I waited for his female companion to leave his side so I could make my move. I mean, if he had just met her that night, then he is fair game. She never left his side and my eyes never left his direction. It was kind of thrilling to occasionally catch his eye when she wasn’t looking. Hell, he was looking my way even when she was.

After the concert was over, I caught one more glimpse of the fine specimen that was Mr. Stripes and left the theater.

The evening made me think about the old saying, you don’t want something til you can’t have it. I’m sure I could have made a move earlier in the evening, but I didn’t want him til I knew I he couldn’t be mine.

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Reecie said...

Very interesting! I'm the opposite....once I saw a chick by his side it would be ignore! It's pathetic how easily scared off men are but not as pathetic as how easy it is for them to get the mistaken impression they have a chance.

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