Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Am I too picky??

At first I was really excited to write about my date Sunday. I was more excited about blogging about it, then actually going on it. Which was problem number one. Problem number two, the guy and I had nothing in common. I mean absolutely nothing. I walked away from it feeling, well nothing. The details of the date aren’t that important but I’ll give you a brief summary.

Originally our date was supposed to be just the two of us. You know a normal date with just two people. A date which happened to be on his birthday. It wasn’t until later he asked if he could change it into a group dinner. I couldn’t fathom saying no, so I agreed. I brought Grace along so I wouldn’t be alone on this escapade.

It wasn’t like he wasn’t a nice guy because he did his best to make myself and Grace feel comfortable. He told us we could order whatever we wanted and that it was on him. But between his lack of working car, a career (or at least path) at almost 30, a home of his own and his addiction, yes I said addiction, to smoking weed, I just couldn’t conceive going on a date two. Grace tried to convince me to give him another chance, but going on a second date with me, isn’t going to change those things. His laid back personality had trickled into other parts of his life and I can’t stick around for that ride.

Since I learned all this on the first “date” I was through. This to me was another failed hookup. Am I being too harsh? Should I go on a second date? It’s not like he didn’t have good qualities. He was cute, very genuine and welcoming and I caught him blessing his food. All brownie point worthy, right?


Anonymous said...

HECK YEAH you are always too harsh lol(I breeze by your spot daily so I know from what I've read),just because he is almost thirty doesnt mean his life is over,my aunt and her husband didnt become what society call successful 'til there mid forties early fifties and still got that young pep in there step lol doing the damn thing and aint really got to lift a finger,you say he got good character whats wrong with that life aint perfect and either are people,you might can be the one to show him what his capabilities really are,hence his backbone but you aint looking for that you just looking for the flaws in a man,But no man/woman walking this earth aint GOD there for we all are not perfect.

p.s.Had to come out of lurkdome for this one just had

Silent Scorpion said...

Thanks for your comment. Date number 2 never happened but I will make note of your comments for future reference.

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