Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Rant: Confession

CONFESSION: I am playing with fire and hoping not to get burned. I met a man. From what I've learned so far he's just my type. A little dorky but with style, smart but not pretentious, and cute but not a pretty boy.

Sounds like I should be excited right, wrong. This guy has obliterated my #1 deal breaker. Nothing has happened between us but I am not helping the situation by flirting. Without heels, I am at least a few inches taller than him. I think. I won't let myself see him in person again because it is so much easier to pretend the height difference doesn't exist versus attacking it head on.

We send each other friendly texts throughout the day. I know I should stop now before it goes any further. But a part of me wants to see what's gonna happen. The other part of me doesn't want to use him in my self inflicted experiment. I would feel horrible if I hurt anyone in the process of finding out about myself. What kind of person dates someone to test their own values?

I keep changing the subject when he asks to see me again. What should I do?

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