Friday, April 3, 2009

April Recap: Try and Keep Up

I knew that the long list I had last month wouldn't last. And boy am I more at ease now that I don't have to keep up with who said or did what and where they came from and etc.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Chicago – We have a date. He will be out here next month on business and is coming 2 days early to see me.

2. Mr. IE – Same as before. He is a friend. We still flirt and play catch up a couple of times a week.

3. K2 – Its just not gonna happen. I don't think he understands that I am not interested because he continues to hit me up. Sad to say, but if I'm bored and hungry on a weekend, I know just who to call.

4. Mr. AOS – Too inconsistent for my tastes. I tried to make it work but he wasn't willing to put in the effort I think I deserve. He is good at taking a hint because I haven't heard from him since I gave him one.

5. Detroit – We are just friends. Sorry about the April fools joke. I couldn't help myself.

6. TStar- I will talk about him when I am good and ready. Not too much to tell yet.

0. Si Si (That's me) – Not as exhausted as before trying to keep up.

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